Who Should Do Your Two Car Garage Plans – Here’s The Answer!

Who Should Do Your Two Car Garage Plans – Here’s The Answer!

Article by Thomas Johnsen

ArchitectAn architect will be able to do your two car garage plans for you in a very short period of time. First of all he will come round to your house and discuss your options like what type of garage you can get and how big it can be.

Once you have decided on this with him he will either measure the area himself or get a surveyor out to help him. A surveyor should get his payment from the architect so you should never have to pay him directly however, the architect may charge you more because of this. He doesn’t want to end up out of pocket. Surveyors only tend to be used on larger more industrial sized projects rather than residential ones.

Once these accurate measurements have been made he can go off and draw up a blueprint for you, the blueprint is the most essential part of the build as this contains all the information on the size and layout of your garage. The architect may then recommend a building company to you who he has used before, on one hand this is good because you can trust them but the chances are that they won’t be the cheapest option. After all, you can take your own decision.

Builders As mentioned above, the builders will execute the two car garage plans and actually implement the blueprint. It is important to get the right team of builders as you can really regret your decisions at times. It is always important to get numerous builders round to give you a quote and never accept the first one. I recommend that you should get in the region of minimum five quotes.

Once you have this you can then weigh up the amount of time the builders have said they will take to perform the task and how much it will cost. There are a lot of ‘cowboys’ round when it comes to building and if you have a friend that has had some work done try and get the name of the firm they used, word of mouth is the best way of finding out about builders.

Once you have chosen the company, you like the building should be done fairly quickly; it is not a major project.

You can also try to implement the garage plan yourself. Today, there are plenty of sites offering you great do-it-yourself advice. You can also use prefab garage kits that come with every finer details of installation instructions. You can cut down costs considerably by opting for this method.

End ProductOnce your two car garage is complete, you should then have a place to store both of your cars as well as any expensive power tools, gardening machinery or outdoor furniture.

As well as providing you with more invaluable storage space, the garage will also boost the price of your house and currently with the housing economy as bad as it is you need to do as much as possible to make your house appeal to the people who will be buying it. You should double or even triple the amount of money you spent building it by the amount the value of your house goes up because of it.

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Thomas Johnsen is the Author and Leading Expert on serious garage building kits and the creator of The Famous Garage Building 101. Visit his website for easy to understand step by step guides on garage planning available online today.

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