When Might You Considering Building A New Garage

When Might You Considering Building A New Garage

Article by Vincent Rogers

A garage is often more than just a handy place to park the family auto out of the wind and rain although many people use it for nothing more than a car shelter and would not consider doing without one. Other homeowners manage for years without a garage and although the idea seems attractive aren’t sure if it would be useful for them. Here are some facts about garages and why people build them even if they are happy parking on the street.

A brand new automobile is a source of pride for most families and generally must last for years. However parking an auto out on the street leaves it at the mercy of wind, rain and careless drivers. Paint jobs suffer from constant exposure to the elements and of course, the risk of accidents or theft is increased. Insurers also tend to offer a better rate to automobile owners who have a garage where the new auto can be sheltered and secured each night. The risk of theft and accidents is usually decreased dramatically and this is usually results in lower insurance premiums.

However, a new garage is often used for purposes other than, or in addition to, sheltering the family transportation. Garages can be extra storage space for valued tools, seasonal garden items, or even pleasure vehicles and a motorbike or two. When storage space is at a premium and the attic and cupboards are bursting, it makes excellent economic sense for storage, as these buildings need not be wired unless the builder desires and yet will last for years and can even blend seamlessly with the exterior design of the home.

When more living space is necessary or desirable, especially for occasional guests, then a garage can be an ideal choice for an addition. This expansive outdoor area can be converted to a living space and even wired for electric and plumbing if desired providing a comfortable and yet private guest bedroom. Occasionally homeowners will actually integrate a living space into the loft area so that the cars can be sheltered and a private guest bedroom or workroom can also be accommodated.

Garages can also be used for activities, which require some distance from the main house. For instance a workroom full of power tools can be noisy and in a small home an unwelcome addition but placed out in a garage a small distance from the home, and it is perfect.

Band practice for musicians need not disturb the entire household if it takes place away from your living space. Garages also provide the perfect place for your home gym as it will usually have plenty of space for all the equipment necessary, without cluttering up the family area or TV room. Although one might not necessarily think of these uses for a garage first, they are economical and practical uses which are becoming more and more common due to the ease of building a new garage and the cost effectiveness of this home addition.

Naturally, one can always just park the family transportation in the garage, save on insurance rates and be perfectly happy with the new addition, but for the imaginative sort, a garage can serve many needs.

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Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who recommends Compton Buildings, the UK’s leading manufacturer of sectional, prefab, prefabricated and concrete garages and sheds who also offer a range of garage doors, windows and security options.

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