What You Didn?t Know About Two Car Garage Plans

What You Didn?t Know About Two Car Garage Plans

Do I need a two car garage?
A two car garage can be highly beneficial. In these modern times, criminal damage is on the increase so you will want to protect your property as much as possible. By going ahead and getting two car garage plans, you are on your way to securing your belongings.

Your car is probably the single most expensive item you own as well as being one of the most important; however, this is also the most targeted item for theft by criminals. Therefore, you will want to protect your vehicles as much as possible and by getting a two car garage it means that you can safely stow them away so that they cannot be vandalised, broken into or stolen.

Many houses have one garage but own two cars, the problem with this is that you are going half way to protecting yourself but not the whole way. If you have a family the chances are you will have at least two cars and that they will be essential everyday to your life, for example, taking the kids to school, going shopping and going to work.


It is worth getting a two car garage to both put your mind at rest and your families. The garages can also be used to store other equipment; cars are just the most expensive item. You may also have lawn mowers and power tools that cost a lot of money that you want protecting properly rather than in a shed.

Ok I’ve made my mind up – what do I do next?

If you decide that you want to go ahead with building a double garage then your next step is to get two car garage plans. First of all you need to make sure you have the land for it, go outside and have a look at your house, make sure it will fit and that it will look good and only if the answer is yes to both of these questions should you go ahead with it.

You will need to find an architect first to come round to your house and discuss your options. Tell him what you want it to look like i.e. blend in with the rest of the house and what size you want it to be.

He will then go outside and measure up to make sure it is actually feasible to build a two car garage. A blueprint will be drawn up of what is to be built by the architect and then you need to try and find a builder that you trust in order to do it. You can also find numerous online resources that give you garage plans for free.

The construction
The number one rule is to never accept the first offer. Get different builders round to your house, ask each one for a quote and how long it will take them to complete. When you then think you have found the right one go ahead with it and make sure they stick to the schedule. Some people employ a project manager to do this for them but a two car garage isn’t a huge job so you probably don’t need it.

Another option is do it yourself. With, ready to build kits along with its complete installation manual, it is no more a daunting task. However, for certain works like electrical fitting and plumbing you need more skilled labour force.

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