Transmission Repair: Save Money Being a Home Mechanic

Transmission Repair: Save Money Being a Home Mechanic

Article by Auto Repair Bohemia

TransmiThere are cases, when your transmission needs a minor repair. In such a scenario, you can save a considerable sum by being a home mechanic. However if the problem is major, it’s better to consult an expert for the job.

Automatic transmission is a complicated and ever-evolving system, which is beyond the scope of a layman to repair. Specialized tools necessary for performing service operations are generally expensive and unavailable in an average toolbox. Let us focus on the things, which we can do on our own when it comes to auto repair involving transmission of your car. However, it’s possible to remove and install transmission by yourself for saving high payments to auto repair shops, which is common in Bohemia, Ronkonkoma and Holbrook. Prior to knowing the solution to simple problems, it’s wise to call for experts if it requires a major repair.

There are 5 conditions, which mainly cause malfunctions in automatic transmission system: * Mechanical malfunctions* Inaccurate adjustments * Hydraulic malfunctions* Poor engine performance* Onboard computer errors

While diagnosing your transmission systems, it’s always better to begin with easy items.

* Fluid Leakage in automatic transmissionColor of transmission fluid is deep red. Make sure that its transmission fluid and not engine oil. Engine oil can also end in transmission systems for various reasons. Best method for tracking down the exact location of the leak is cleaning. You should remove all buildup of grimes, which occur during general operation from the transmission surface. Degreasing agent might be helpful in this task. After thorough cleaning is completed, drive your car at low speed for few minutes.

When you are satisfied that the leak might have revealed, examine transmission system again. Most common regions of leakage are speedometer connection, rear extension, transmission oil lines, fluid pan, vent pipe and filler pipe.

Replacing the gasket or simple tightening of bolts is enough for stop this leakage. While performing such auto repair, be sure for monitoring it carefully.

* Rough Transmission Slips, Lacking Drive PowerThere are innumerable factors contributing to its symptoms. However, you should be concerned with only one if you are doing the auto repair by yourself: level of fluid. Determine transmission fluid level! If it’s at proper level, you should take it to reputed dealership for getting it diagnosed.

* Transmission Isn’t DownshiftingYou should remember to disable airbag system of your vehicle for avoiding accidental deployments. Throttle valve cables are the likely culprit. Cable removal & replacement is quite straightforward in many vehicles. If you cannot locate the cable by yourself, dealerships and service garages are there to help you out. Replacement cables for your car are available at most dealerships and local auto part shop.

* Every gear, but Neutral & Park, can start the engine In this case to, you should disable your airbag system for avoiding accidental deployments. If automatic transmission allows the vehicle to start in every gear, but Neutral & Park, you’ve got a defective neutral start switch. Simultaneously, you should verify backup lights, as both of them are linked.

You can replace the switch with minimum effort in most vehicles. Remove cable from the negative terminal of your battery. Switch removal and installation is straightforward. Just make sure that transmission is neutral during removal or replacement. Neutral start switches are easily available in your local auto part store.

If the problem in transmission is as simple as mentioned, you can use the methods for repairing it yourself and save money. However in case it’s major, you should contact a reputed auto repair shop in your vicinity, whether Bohemia, Ronkonkoma or Holbrook.

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