The Reasons Why KB Gold Is The Future Of MLM

The Reasons Why KB Gold Is The Future Of MLM

KB Gold are from Germany, they mine, refine and sell gold. They actually have their very own mine. Back in 2007 they heard that there was a mine for sale in Turkey, so they bought it. It wasn’t long after that that the acquired a metal refinery plant as well. It wasn’t until recently I heard of this company and it seems they are relatively unheard of in the MLM industry as a whole. This is a strong 16 year old company with no debts and they purchased everything they own in cash, even their vehicles.

KB Gold is the first company to ever own its own goldmine and refinery plant! There are 95 known top tier refineries in the world and 89 of them are controlled by governments. The other 6 are privately owned.

As you will most likely be aware the world economic situation isn’t particularly great at the moment. Currencies across the world are being battered down in value and this looks set to continue, so that money in your wallet is not actually worth that much, especially now as the government in the US continues to print more money.

The one world currency that dates years back which we can still rely on today is Gold. It does not lose its value and in fact over the last 10 years has doubled in value.

What does KB Edelmetall offer

Well for a start they sell gold, but not in the usual larger amounts, they sell it in 1 or 2 grams bullions, even half a gram and there is talk of a quarter of a gram as well. It means that those people who couldn’t afford to buy gold before can now build up a store of it in smaller amounts when they can.

You open an account with KB and it’s basically like a bank account. Paying money into your account will buy you gold, so you trade your weakening currency for something a lot more stable. All the gold is kept in a vault in Switzerland, it’s very secure and the Swiss government also store their gold there. You can if you need to sell your gold back to the company if you need to release some cash. There is a small fee involved but the money will be released to you in about 2 days..

Some folks will like to be able to look at their gold in front of them, so just ask for it to be delivered to you after you’ve purchased it!

KB gold IS 999.9 pure – 24 carat and of Kinebar grade. You can check on Wiki, but a kinebar basically means that the gold carries a hologram which confirms that it’s the genuine article. These gold bullions are accepted as currency across the world and are sealed in a special protective cover.

There is nothing at all fancy about the pay plan for KB. You can get paid when new customers sign up and deposit plus when any of your downline makes a deposit you get paid. This is potentially a very powerful earning machine, and KB have now opened the doors to other countries in the world such as India, Australia, UK, Canada, United States & Asia. You could be near the top of the stack in your country as this company is only just starting to get noticed as a viable business opportunity.

The system works on a point’s value, every time your customer/client purchases 1 Euro of gold, you gain 1 point. At the end of the month everything is totalled up and you get paid.

You might be pleased to learn that there is no cost to get started with the company, they are not charging enrolment fees or ongoing monthly fees, hard to believe but its true.

I always like to ask myself and my prospects, which would you rather have….. A garage full of empty juice bottles, or a garage full of gold!

KB Gold is one of the most exciting mlm opportunities around today. Success with this business depends on your marketing skills, understand how to position yourself as a leader in the industry, get your 100 % free training at my mlm training centre right away.

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