The Best Way to Protect and Clean Concrete Garage Flooring

The Best Way to Protect and Clean Concrete Garage Flooring


When you have a garage floor made from concrete, it is important to protect it from the elements of weather and other elements such as salt and chemicals that may make the floor to wear out fast. The other elements that can damage your concrete garage flooring are automotive fluids, extreme temperatures and moisture. In order to combat the damage that these elements cause, it is important to look for ways in which you can protect the flooring. This includes even how you clean the concrete garage flooring.


Painting your concrete garage flooring is not enough to protect it since it is possible for the paint to peel out. A good way to protect this type of flooring is to use concrete floor treatments such as coatings. You can also use floor tiles because they will make a layer between your concrete floor and the damaging elements.


One of the best ways in which you can protect your concrete garage flooring is using epoxy garage floor coating because this type of flooring is highly durable. It will help your concrete garage flooring to withstand extreme conditions and provide your garage floor with an attractive high gloss finish that will last long without becoming dull or peeling.



When it comes to cleaning concrete garage flooring, it is important to follow some tips that will help you maintain the floor in the optimal condition. If your concrete garage floor is not sealed, the steps that you should follow when cleaning it include the following. The first step is to sweep the loose dirt that is on the surface and then wash the floor using an all-purpose concrete cleaning solution.


Another helpful thing that you can do when cleaning concrete garage flooring is to spread cat litter on the surface so that it can absorb excessive oil and grease. You can spread the cat litter by using a stiff broom and work from the back area of the garage as you go towards the front. The other step is to flush the floor using a blast of jet water and you can scour the tough spots of debris using a stiff broom.


After removing the surface level dirt from your concrete garage flooring, you can then use a heavy duty commercial cleaner on the floor and a sponge to mop it. You should apply more pressure to the areas that are soiled and then rinse the floor with clean water that will remove all the traces of the commercial cleaner. The last step is to dry the floor surface thoroughly.


When cleaning concrete garage flooring, there are certain stains that you should clean in a specific way in order to get rid of them completely. Examples of these stains are rust stains that you should remove with oxalic acid and water if they are light or with a poultice of sodium nitrate and lukewarm water if the rust stains are heavy. Removing grease stains on the other hand involves scrapping off the grease and then scrubbing it with scouring powder. Doing this will keep your concrete garage flooring looking at its best.


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