Some of Today’s Garage Door Prices

Some of Today’s Garage Door Prices

Article by Steven Magill

Garage doors are often taken for granted but it is still one portal into your home. For this very reason, these doors should be taken into consideration when looking for a home to purchase. The ancestry and lineage of garage and doors come from the woodsheds and wood shacks that were built at the late 19th and early 20th century. These shacks, precursors to today’s garages were initially installed as a storage unit. Some shacks were used to house tools, fertilizers and other objects that may have been unsuitable within the house. These shacks also became a workplace for fathers as these walls became filled with work tools, necessitating a work bench. The size of the doors of the woodshed increased as things like wheel barrows and perhaps even horse carriages were placed inside the shed during the winter months. With the coming of the automobile, these sheds were transformed into garages. Most of the early garage doors were made of one piece timber and Oakwood. Some antique garage doors have been sold in order that they are transformed into one piece dining table tops which fetch a pretty price in the wood furniture market.

Depending on where you live, some doors that are customized and made from real wood can cost from 2000 dollars upwards. These carriage garage doors help increase the value of the house and property over time. They however need some form of maintenance and during the winter and summer months, wood contracts and expand and sometimes the fittings of these doors can be loose or tight.

Vinyl doors start a bit over a thousand dollars till a thousand five hundred dollars. Vinyl garage doors are more resistant to dents and are very easy to maintain since they don’t rust. Light weight, you actually don’t need a car garage pulling machine which saves you money and electricity. They can be however easy to enter and this may be a security issue.

Steel Garage door prices range from 800 to 1200 dollars and these are the most commonly used garage doors. However, these doors may rust after a period of time especially if the house is exposed to the four seasons or is situated near the sea.

The newest type of garage door is made of composite wood and is popular for its environmental foot print as it is made from recycled materials. The garage door prices of this type range from 1000 dollars to 1400 dollars.

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