Skin Microdermabrasion : Look Younger At The Spa Or With At Home Treatments

Skin Microdermabrasion : Look Younger At The Spa Or With At Home Treatments

Article by Pam Quillerin

Many people may heard of skin microdermabrasion. The people who haven’t might be interested in learning something how it works and what the benefits are. This is a pretty new treatment performed on your skin. In essence, It consists of using miniscule particles of abrasive sand-like materials to remove the dead skin cells from the outer layer of skin on your face.

It might sound like it hurts, but most people find the experience to be quite pleasurable. Thirty minutes is about all it takes, and you’re awake the whole time. There is no need to be unconscious at all during this procedure. It’s not invasive surgery like a facelift or even botox.

If it hurt the way invasive surgeries (such as dermabrasions) did, you would definitely have to be under some form of anesthesia, but microdermabrasion only effects the top part of the skin. Old skin is removed and new, healthier skin surfaces to take its place. This will give you somewhat of the same benefits invasive procedures will, without the recovery time and pain. Plus it’s less expensive.

Chemical peels burn your skin and can be extremely painful. Recovery time can also be a concern. If you have this treatment done, if you’re planning on leaving your house, you better be prepared to show the world a very red and flaky face. Though effective, there is healing time involved, as with dermabrasion and other surgical procedures.

It helps to eliminate unwanted wrinkles, blotchy skin, acne, acne scars, and sun damaged skin. It can work in reducing the appearance of raised scars, but doesn’t work so well on scars that are depressed into the skin. Monthly treatments are commonly recommended, but most people experience a difference after the first session.

If you’d rather skip going to the salon, you can choose one of many at-home products available. These will not give you the same results as seen when you have it done professionally, but it’s still a really good way to keep up on your new look.

If you’re having problems with your skin, or you just want to freshen it up a bit, skin microdermabrasion can be a wonderful, pain-free way to make one’s skin glow radiantly. The older you get, the more damage is done to the skin. There is a way to easily sand down your skin and make it smooth once again.

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Next, find out more about how microdermabrasion can help give you a youthful appearance and about the different home microdermabrasion systems you can use in the privacy of your own home.

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