Preventing Mischief Night Car Damage

Preventing Mischief Night Car Damage

Article by Jack Labens

Every year on the evening before Halloween, preteens, teenagers, and rebellious adults participate in what is known by many as “Mischief Night.” On this night, many unsuspecting people become victims to these pranks, and often times have no way of protecting themselves from it. It is often random, so any one is susceptible to mischief night antics. These pranksters are usually in groups and commit their pranks late at night when most people are asleep. They happen in most neighborhoods where teenagers and young adults live, in the suburbs and in the city. Take preventative steps if you are concerned about your home, yard, or car being damaged by mischief night pranks.

Safeguarding your car and home can include parking your car in the garage, keeping the lights in the house on, and placing jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins inside windows instead of outside your home. Knocking and tapping on windows, daubing objects with white wash, smearing of doorknobs with syrup, removing gates from their hinges, and vandalizing cars are some of the most popular pranks played on mischief night. Some of the most harmful effects of mischief night, however, happen to cars parked in driveways and on the street.

Some of the popular car pranks that occur on mischief night include egging, spraying silly string and toilet papering cars parked on the street and driveways. They can also write with soap on car windows, throw produce, powder-bomb cars, and even use spray paint to vandalize cars. If this happens to your car, it could cause exterior harm such as scratches, dings, and dents. These are reckless acts where people who commit them often go un-caught. These pranks can lead to permanent damage, can cost thousands to repair, and may not be covered by insurance. Although you can’t prevent these pranks from happening, you can take preventative steps to make sure your car goes un-damaged.

If you cannot keep your car in a garage, a great way to ensure your car’s safety during this Halloween season is to protect it with a cover. Car covers are a great way to shield your car from outside harm. Not only do they protect against environmental factors such as rain, snow, ice, and sun, car covers protect against residues such as egg, toilet paper, soap, and silly string. You can even wash your cover if the car is vandalized with the cover on. You can also protect your car with a lock and cable that secures your cover onto the car. This kit consists of a high strength plastic-coated steel cable and weather-proof lock.

Trick-or-treaters on the night of Halloween can also be a hazard to your car. With the increase of pedestrians on the street and sidewalks, your car could be in danger of damage. A car cover would give you the added protection you need. These covers are non-abrasive, so anything scratching the surface of the cover would not be a threat. This could include bicycles, balls, and toys. If there is a collision involving your car, a cover would severely minimize damage on the body and paint. Make sure your car goes unharmed this Halloween and protect it with a car cover.

During this season, environmental damage can also occur. As the leaves change in the fall, they can build up on your car’s roof and result in exterior damage. Also, the weather changes that happen in the fall can damage your car. Covering your car will protect it against factors such as rain, dust, wind, snow, ice, sun, and other environmental issues. As the weather gets cooler in the winter, protecting your car against these elements can increase the life of your exterior.

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