Preparing for New Garage Floors in the Bay Area

Preparing for New Garage Floors in the Bay Area

Installing a new garage floor in the Bay Area can make the space easier to care for and also add to the value of your home. The staff at Bay Area Custom Garages, Inc. can help you plan the right flooring for you needs and your budget. They will also give you tips for preparing your space for the new floor installation.

Steps to Prepare for New Garage Floors in the Bay Area

Clear out the space – The first thing that you will need to do is completely clear out the garage. This may require investing in a storage area for a few days or for a few weeks. It is also the best time to go through all of the things you have in your garage to see if you can cut some of the clutter that has built up in the garage over the years. Sort items into a keep pile, a giveaway pile and a throw away pile. Only keep the things that you use regularly and let the rest of the clutter go.
Clean the floor – The garage floor will need to be completely clean of any dirt, dust, oil or grease. The staff at Bay Area Custom Garages, Inc. can complete the cleaning process or give you detailed instructions for the Do-It-Yourself project if you choose. The intensity of the floor cleaning will be determined by the type of garage flooring you will have installed into the space.
Plan for the installation – The floor will need time to dry before the installation can begin. You will also want to choose a time when the outside temperatures are over 65 degrees so that the flooring can set. The garage floor will need to be undisturbed for a few days depending on the type of flooring you choose for the space. The garage floor contractor will let you know the exact amount of time needed for the floor to cure.

The amount of time involved with installing a new garage floor will vary according to the materials you choose for the process. The staff at Bay Area Custom Garages, Inc. will give you tips to help make the installation go smooth and as quick as possible. Make the most of the time you will spend preparing for the new garage floors in the Bay Area by using the process to clean and sort through all of the items that have collected over the years.

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