Practical Security Products Is Expected To Push Into Home Security Market

Practical Security Products Is Expected To Push Into Home Security Market

HC intelligent home network ¬†With the reform and opening up and rapid economic development in urban and rural areas, a substantial increase in floating population brought many unstable factors in the community, law and order situation is becoming increasingly serious, criminal cases, particularly burglary, theft, robbery increased incidence. Therefore, the state departments concerned on the comprehensive management of social order, and to create a safe and civilized communities as one of the important content. Meanwhile, in order to further standardize the construction of intelligent residential community, particularly the Ministry of Construction has developed standards for intelligence community’s level, according to their requirements intelligence community must have a safety precaution, information management, property management, information network and other subsystems. Therefore, the Community Security System has been gradually incorporated into many of the essential community development projects, and to Shenzhen, for example, virtually all new residential properties for sale are pre-installed home security systems, and to prohibit the installation of security networks, but also spent heavily in Guangzhou remove anti-theft network, its security features will inevitably be transferred to the electronic anti-theft system to complete. Therefore, the residential community security system construction in the coming years there will be rapid growth, and also from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the mainland coastal areas and developed cities to spread. This paper will use the burglar alarm home alarm equipment and intelligence are two aspects, I hope to share with you what!


Household burglar alarm equipment Urban and rural residential building can not install new anti-theft window, which has been recognized by many local governments and issued a document to inform, to retain after the windows in what security means economic and practical, this is a smart residential area of the designer, product manufacturing plant , real estate developers have to face an important issue. Electronic security measures to choose the doors and windows are:

1. Dual-function anti-theft windows?? This anti-theft alarm window with broken glass and windows are open alarm dual function. Cost per glass windows of several tens of yuan, with wired or wireless transmission equipment prices than the cost of window installation of security window 10 to 20 times lower.

This window is the passive anti-theft conductive adhesive film coated on glass in the window frame where the edge pressure but not by the glass and the impact of wind and rain. Glass surface can be regarded as a conductor, by double-switch contacts touch access cable transmission lines embedded alarm system, users can not see any warning devices around doors and windows, for the push-pull steel window or balcony sliding doors, glass installed in steel plastic window, make parts with good security settings.

2. Anti-theft glass?? In the residence area of security is the most sensitive one to the second floor of each building’s tenants, their windows both lighting and ventilation requirements, but also prevent thieves from entering. As part of Scientific Guard, a method is affixed a layer of armored glass window film, the glass fragments in broken and can not be immediately generated when the alarm signal. Another better approach is to use a sledgehammer or bullets can not hit the breaking of the new glass material will not affect the lighting, but also to security, but more expensive.

3. Door and window magnetic switches?? Windows and doors are generally thieves to enter the interior of a necessary path, there must be alert to the first line of defense. Reed Switch is a cheap and reliable alarm equipment, coupled with interior emergency alarm button, can provide the most basic protection of the family. It consists in a fixed window frame or door frame installation switches, doors and windows in the activities of the corresponding location on the installation of magnets, there is an embedded, surface paste-type and other installation, suitable for steel, wood, plastic steel doors and windows to prevent , low price and good reliability, but the single function.

4. Glass break alarm?? Glass breaking alarm is usually installed in a wall or ceiling, on the use of ultrasound to break glass sensor. Some are also posted on the corner of the window, using broken glass for active vibration sensor. As the sound of broken glass and interior glass broken, the phone, alarm clock, kettle Ming, outside of the door, sirens, motors and other difficult to identify the sound, this feature requires the use of voice recognition CAIR computer technology, software-controlled DSP and other techniques to distinguish the authenticity of alarm. Israel Visonic Inc., DetectionSystems company, C & K companies have a good product, very easy to install, quiet room for important and Prevention.

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