Options for Pole Building and Garage Kits

Options for Pole Building and Garage Kits

If you’re in need of a barn, garage or other type of outbuilding for your business or property, a pole building kit or garage kit can cut down on the complications and help you get your structure built and in use faster than building one from scratch. Companies that offer garage kits for sale provide a wide range of colors, styles and sizes suitable for use as garages, horse barns, riding barns, construction sheds and many other things. When choosing a kit for your property, consider the differences between pole and stud wall structures, your available options, and the services that the selling company provides.

Construction Advantages

One of the major advantages of choosing a pole building over a traditional stud wall construction is convenience. A pole building doesn’t require a poured floor or foundation. Instead, the posts are the foundation as well as the frame of your building. If you do choose to have a concrete floor, the skirt board that is the part of building itself serves as a form, eliminating the need for building and then deconstructing a form for a poured floor in a traditional building.

A complete kit includes everything you need to erect your building except the manpower. The best kits provide posts, lumber, siding, fasteners and easy-to-follow plans so that you can assemble your garage, storage shed or barn on your own land. Many complete kits also include such extras as ridge vents, ridge ends, hurricane clips and bracing for trusses, ends, corners and gables.

Kit Options

Pole buildings work well for many business and farm uses. A basic, bare bones pole building kit makes an excellent garage, storage shed, warehouse, or hay barn. A little bit of extra styling and some insulation open up many more possibilities such as roadside stands, shops, horse barns, riding barns and simple shelters.

While many kits are bare bones, some companies offer pole building kits that make attractive, even stylish buildings. You can choose from gambrel styles, add cupolas and gables and choose from a variety of door and window styles. Some providers will even work with you to customize your design to fit in with your landscape and architecture.

If you need extra storage, you can choose to add attic trusses to your building. Attic trusses, also known as storage trusses, extend the square footage of your building and can be finished to provide additional room for offices, storage or a lounge area. Depending on the size of your building, an attic truss can add rooms from 10×10 to 16×16 feet in size.

A steel building erected from a kit doesn’t have to be steel gray, either. You’ll find pole building and garage kits for sale that offer a wide variety of siding choices in many colors and materials, including powder-coated shades of blue, red, green and purple and vinyl siding options in shades of blue, brown, tan, gray and white.

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