On The Building Fire Alarm System Maintenance

On The Building Fire Alarm System Maintenance

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1 Introduction With the rapid development of modern High-rise building More and more, people’s awareness of fire safety is gradually increased, the installation of automatic fire alarm system very seriously, but often overlooked and put into operation after the system maintenance. With the system operational time of growth, the inevitable appearance of aging equipment and lines, if not in a timely manner to maintain the system in case of fire, fire system can not operate normally, will result in incalculable losses. This lesson has been common. “Ministry of Public Order No. 61″ requested units to building fire inspection and maintenance, the current “building fire regulations” (tentative name) are speeding up the development. 2 Smoke Detector The for-source, cleaning and adjustment of electrical parameters: Early in the fire, fire Detector Timely detection of information transmitted to the fire Fire Alarm Host, host audible fire alarm signals and interaction facilities, to ensure the normal operation of detectors is essential. Point type smoke detector consists of ionization and photoelectric smoke two cigarettes, because of ionization smoke detectors have radioactive sources inside, will pollute the environment if not handled properly, so manufacturers in recent years, largely to produce photoelectric smoke detector main. However, the detector is being used in ionization smoke detectors also occupy a large proportion. According to The People’s Republic of China Ministry of Public Security, “fire alarm system installation and acceptance of” (GB50166-2007) requirements, the detector in operation for 2 years, should be cleaned once every 3 years all. Ion detector, for example, dust in the air sticks to the surface of radioactive sources and the ionization chamber, so that the ion flow decreased ionization chamber, detector easy to false positives, while water and dust in the air will slow corrosion of radioactive sources, If the ionization chamber of the radioactive sources are corrosion than the reference room of the sources, will lead to false positive detector easily. In contrast, the slow or non-alarm alarm. Other detector parameters in the drift of electronic components should not be ignored, and after cleaning the electrical parameters of the detector to check adjustment. The English word detector cleaning “Overhaul”, translated as “complete overhaul”, will probe the source by changing, cleaning, electrical parameter adjustment, the index reached a new factory index detector. Therefore, to ensure long-term normal working detectors will probe sent to conduct regular professional cleaning factory overhaul is necessary. 3, fire alarm controller for cleaning, backup and security software, power supply: 3.1 fire alarm control in the process of long-term use, there will be a lot of dust absorption in the fire alarm control circuit board, dust will affect the circuit board heat, in wet conditions may also occur under the short circuit So regular cleaning is necessary alarm controller. 3.2 Partial decoration of large buildings transform frequent users of the fire alarm control software changes are more, some manufacturers of the controller is saved by lithium-user software, the lithium battery failure and power failure alarm controller of cases (there are other reasons, such as misuse, damage to the main card, etc.), will cause the software is lost, restoration work is very complicated controller software, so users regularly back up software is very important. 3.3 in the main power failure, the backup battery ensures the controller to work within a certain period of time. Commonly used maintenance-free battery backup battery, the life span of 3 to 5 years, should be regularly tested using a dedicated battery tester battery, replace a dead battery in a timely manner to ensure the fire safety of power supply controller.

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