Of automatic fire alarm system on the management and maintenance – fire alarm, fire alarm, maintenan

Of automatic fire alarm system on the management and maintenance – fire alarm, fire alarm, maintenan

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Automatic fire alarm system is an advanced fire technology facilities not only high prices and strong performance so users after installation it is necessary to strengthen management and maintenance so full of fire fighting role Automatic fire alarm system for the management and maintenance is made the following comments A strengthen the automatic fire alarm system file data management That some units overlook the use of automatic fire alarm system order and save the file Everyone knows the quot system quot files organized and maintained with a very important role not only to provide fire prevention information the quot system quot itself the management and maintenance are also important reference value Must pay attention to In automatic fire alarm system installation is completed the user should design construction installation of the system transfer unit construction drawings and technical data installation technical records the system records the various parts of the test debug open the report completion of such inspection report to finish the establishment of technical files safe custody to be made available Meanwhile in the quot system quot put into operation before the corresponding rules should be established duty officer duties duty records display system in the protection of the location of the building floor plan or simulated map the system running the registration table equipment maintenance records to The management staff in their work rules to follow B of the triggering device in use and the problems often excluded Device for detecting the changes due to environmental conditions not applicable through design construction sector change in time If the original room into a kitchen boiler room Kaishui Fang generator room when smoke detectors should be replaced by temperature detectors Because the determination of smoke detectors according to the environmental temperature is generally about 50 or they may occur and fixed temperature detectors action should be higher than the rated temperature of the ambient temperature 10 35 To prevent external interference or accidental damage For the detector not only to prevent smoke dust and similar aerosols small animals invasive water vapor condensation ice and other natural factors outside the influence of false positives generated but also to prevent man made factors such as shelves storage shelf the display or device such as separate partition detectors and manual alarm button on the impact For secondary fitting place to pay attention to check the original detectors and manual alarm buttons are intact can be used the line is smooth If the above issues must be rebuilt or replaced or alarm failure alarm occurs Attention to the cleaning of the detectors and spare parts storage In order to be maintained in good normal operation the detector should be open to run two years later all clean again every three years C alarm inspection Conducting a fire inspection can add smoke detectors with special tools for practical examination When the smoke fire detector is received the police confirmed that lights indicating that the detector is working correctly at the same time sent to the fire alarm control signal Also check whether the walk around the clock whether the time records of fire Examination on duty in time of the equipment should be mute reset to prevent too long Er Shi equipment components were damaged 4 Power check Can check the fire alarm system AC power supply equipment for power together with the large scale fluctuations caused When the fire alarm system found that the power supply lines and other uses of lighting power lines sharing the same circuit it shall take measures to separate the set to ensure automatic fire alarm system separate circuits Check fire alarm system if the voltage offset in the allowable range or regulator measures should be taken Check the main power supply and backup power is automatic switching between the normal cut off power supply check whether it can switch to backup power supply if found defective it should take measures Check the general power of each quarter should be a backup power supply 2 times charge discharge test 1 3 main power supply and backup power supplies automatically switch test E to ensure the normal operation of linkage control system Linkage control system to protect the safety of the building has a very important role therefore fire hydrant system automatic sprinkler systems electric fire doors fire shutter ventilation and air conditioning smoke exhaust equipment and electric fire damper etc action to ensure the control equipment is running properly check if the linkage system in the normal movement the signal will be fed back to the fire control room if there is no feedback description of equipment failure should take timely measures to be eliminated On Halon carbon dioxide foam dry powder and other fixed fire extinguishing systems can be checked through simulation Should also check whether the mandatory fire control center elevator stopped on the first floor Fire broadcast the trial regardless of what the speaker is in working condition should be able to switch to fire its broadcast channel For all fire and evacuation indicator lights to test the fire control equipment can be connected and able to operate correctly Check all the power switch such as switch switch fire smoke fire doors fire shutter and other switches alarm switches emergency lighting switch so it moves For fault found during inspections the staff should be handled in a timely manner to ensure that the system is in good condition

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