Maintenance and Repairs Q&A

Maintenance and Repairs Q&A

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Bobbin Case out of action surrounded by sewing gadget?I have an old ‘New Home’ model 672 that I have been passed on from my mother. I am having trouble beside the bobbin case and the shuttle. I was working on making a shirt and when I have to remove the bobbin case and change the thread…Boiler fires up every few second?We have had our heat switched off for a few weeks now and so the boiler individual kicks in when the hot thump is switched on. Suddenly, the boiler has started making the sound of firing up every few second, although the flame doesn’t actually come on. It is doing…Boiler pressure drops & leak radiator?The pressure in my boiler drops dramatically, water leak out of my downstairs radiator all over the floor. What do I need to do to fix it? Do I stipulation to bleed the radiator or empty the water out of it? Or is it simply a case of tightening a…Boiler Problems please serve!?Can someone please advise i have a radiance worm space saver 22, 28 30. Its firing up to heat wet fine, but when we turn the therm up for the central heating it just fires up for about 30 secs and goes pay for to the pilot. Can anyone advise…Bought a 5300 btu single room a/c to cool my bedroom. Any information on roughly speaking how much this element will cost meI have a 14×14 room that I need lone slightly cooled. We have a ceiling fan so that will serve with this. This unit is an joie de vivre star unit that says (based on 8c per killowatthour rates) that annually it should cost around .00. I understand that that…Bought a used couch.There is wood detail on the arms and bottom.One side is missing.How can I win it replaced?I bought a couch from a liquidation store knowing it had a few problems. It isn’t in a wood frame or on a wood foot like others, it is a regular couch but has these bare cheery-wood pieces going up the front of each arm and connecting along the bottom…Box assistance.?is there a card board box around the height of 5 ft 4in or 5ft 5in ? if so what is the cheapest cost and where on earth can i get it ?Brand New Window AC Ices up, is it defective or am I not getting plenty current to it?Last week I bought a new Samsung window AC to replace one that wasn’t cooling. The strange unit is 6,000 BTU and on the box it said it was for a 14′ x 14′ room. My room is slightly larger than that near high ceilings. Even beside the…Breaker box?got a 20 slot breaker box but need more,wondering how big they progress and how much it cost to replaceBriggs & Stratton 3.5 carb issue?I have a 1984 Snapper Hi Vac mower that has run great for 20+ years. Yesterday it started to lose power and very soon I had to remove the air cleaner and manually close the choke to win it up to speed but once I did the engine would…Briggs & Stratton 9L902 lawnmower?My lawnmower won’t start, even after pushing the priming button. Sometimes it runs for about 3 seconds afterwards stops. It has a new spark plug & unusual air filter (and I oiled the filter). I’ve tried fuel cleaner and carb cleaner. When I remove the gas sunhat, it…Briggs & Stratton Model 130202 Type 0523-01, Does it enjoy a points and condensor or freshly a magneto?I picked this rototiller up from a yard sale and near is no spark going to the spark plug or the lead that attaches to the spark plug. This motor has be sitting for years the owner said so I wonder if the magneto is shot. I sanded the magnet…Broke a halogen bulb indoors. Should I be concerned?We all know that the CFL bulbs contain mercury and that you’re supposed to do a special cleanup should they break. But I can’t find any information on breaking a small halogen bulb (about the size of an incandescent). We had an indoor one slop and break on the tile…Broke my skylight?i broke my window and its 23.5 by 40 inches how much would it be to replace the glass inside it within canadian dollers?Broken Dishwasher?I have a maytag dishwasher that is nine years outmoded. It’s not working and I’m wondering is it worth getting it fixed? How long do they normally ending?Broken fanlight Help!?well the kid next door have broken our window which is in the porch. his parents are going to reward for the damage but what is a quick course i can close it up, to stop thieves and people breaking contained by just for the night? Thanks!Broken straightner, effortless fix?I’ve had my gold and not straighter for give or take a few 3 years now. and only only just have i actually put the usage surrounded by it. as i was just straightening my tresses it slipped on the floor. i was thinking its either i agree to…Broken table leg press?My coffe table leg broke off I do not know how to put it back on I tryed to use my drill IT did not work! what can I use?Broken wall surrounded by my house?i was walking down the stairs to my house when i fell into the wall to my left for a moment bit. not a big fall, just gentle of slammed into it a LITTLE bit. anyway, part of the wall broke and caved within! i dont know why it did…Brown pool sea, but NO metals?I have been tourmented by problems next to my pool since the start of the year. What I thought to be a metal problem is not. The metal reading is zero for copper and zero for iron. The brown dampen will disapear with a metal/stain remover but…BTU for nouns conditioner examine?I am looking for an air condition for my server room. Its a small room about 9×12 beside 8′ ceilings. We have 6 servers a phone system and a voluminous printer/copier running about non stop. It gets more or less 81 degrees on a cool day near the central AC…Bug Problem!?In my bedroom at night there are other bugs! Bugs like moths, mosquitos, beetles, and other bugs that I’m not even totally sure what they are. They aren’t contained by my room during the day though, most of the time. My room is pretty well hermetically sealed up, I’m pretty…Bug repellent Help.Will award best answer?Does anyone know the website of that bug repelent that plugs into your wall and digital pulses repel bugs.I remember seeing it on tv.I already Tried google.I have this ifestation of earwigs,Moths and mosquito eaters.I really need to seize this for my house.Will award best answer for first answer that…Build a retaining wall around subterranean vault skylight capably?i am in a rental property and the landlord is not responding all right enought. every rain, i get flooding from the subterranean vault well. i wnat to build a wall as a temporary nouns. how can i do it at least cost.Builder foreclosed and HVAC element be not installed?I am buying a foreclosed home that was not not completely finished. the home is a 2 story 2412 all brick Townhome. The HVAC unit were never intstalled but the ducts were (someone stole the copper pipes) how much will a duel part cost to be installed.Builder have breached contract – do I inevitability to pay cheque final 5%?We had an extension built which was completed almost 12 months ago. Under the lingo of the contract, which we signed but the builder did not ask us to return, the builder should have carried out a defects inspection 3 months after completion and we would wages the last 5%…Builder, Plummer or Electrician to be exact the interrogate…?Thinking of a change, i wanna train for something..which earns most money?! I relatively fancy being a sparky (electrician), is that still much cop these days??Building/construction How do u repair a mantal which is located top slice of the building. It have a dimple?The building was hit from the top which developed a dimple which is the size of a sink which is about 2inches adjectives. Every tim it rains water sits contained by the dimple creates a bird bath. I am trying to figure the correct mode to fix…Burnt bricks?i had the bbq going and the flames got so big they adjectives the bricks behind it. What is the best way to seize the burn marks off bricks or am i stuffed?Burnt Carpet! how can i remove burns?Today, ive been playing CoD4 on ps3, and been told by my mom to plug the iron surrounded by. Of course, it doesnt end here, i plugged it in and moved out it lying heat plate to the floor… (typical me) Now, ive left it nearby for 5…

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Bug repellent Help.Will award best answer?Does anyone know the website of that bug repelent that plugs into your wall and digital pulses repel bugs.I remember seeing it on tv.I already Tried google.I have this ifestation of earwigs,Moths and mosquito eaters.I really need to seize this for my house.Will award best answer for first answer that…

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