Is Your Home Safe – Simple Steps Towards Increased Home Safety

Is Your Home Safe – Simple Steps Towards Increased Home Safety

Safety seems like it should be a personal right.  Too many families feel the victimization of home invasion, crime and tragedy.  As times change and crime increases, it seems now more than ever we have to fight for our right to personal safety and longevity.  What can you do to protect your own life, family and home in this day and age?  You can fight.  Join the millions of Americans who are standing up against crime.  Educate yourself, your family and your friends on effective, life-saving safety practices.  Learn the dos and don’ts of home security so you can adequately protect that which is rightfully yours.

Now that you know what you must do, let’s talk about the how.It starts with a taking action on your desire to protect your home and family.

A professionally installed and monitored home security system is the foundation to solid home security. Your house, family, and belongings are protected around the clock, 365 days a year, whether you’re home or on vacation. When used in conjunction with additional approaches your house can become a very safe place.

In addition to purchasing a well-reviewed home security system and a monitoring package from a reliable security provider, consider making a few minor changes around the house to increase the overall protection of your home.  If you don’t already, you should definitely have deadbolt locks on every exterior door, as well as strong sash locks on all your windows. All sliding doors and windows must have a steel rod or strong dowel in the track to prevent opening from the outside.  This is a failsafe way to make sure no one can get in without breaking a window

If a window is broken, glass break sensors will sense the intrusion immediately, sound the alarm and notify your professional monitoring center who can then alert the proper authorities and send help.  Without a monitoring system, a vacation and an empty house can make for a hefty insurance claim.

Using exterior lighting equipped with motion detectors is a great way to illuminate your property. Taking shadows away from potential burglars and prowlers is a real key to exterior security. Also, planting thorny shrubs and bushes in front of ground-level windows, close to the house, will keep burglars thinking twice about even attempting to enter.

Arming your home security system whenever it’s appropriate to do so is a huge part of home security. Many people do not feel the need to arm their system and think that simply having one is deterrence enough.  While it is proven that having home security signage in the yard does decrease the chance of burglary, it does not prevent it.  When you arm your system, whether while away or at home, you’re ensuring that no one will enter without you, the monitoring center and the proper authorities knowing about it.

Along with locking your doors and windows, arming your monitored home security burglar alarm system whenever you’re away from this house will keep your house up to three times safer than houses with no security system installed. Remember, lock it up and turn it on!

Be active in your personal safety with a monitored home security system and check out remarkable offers on home security equipment


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