Is Your Garage Door Opener Leaving Your Home Unsecured?

Is Your Garage Door Opener Leaving Your Home Unsecured?

Many people have had their garage door openers for 10 years, or more. What they may not realize is that it offers a discrete and easy access point for anyone with a laptop and a remote transmitter. Take a look at the following video to see just how easy it is.

Everything is pretty simple. The remote used in the video is one of the most common older models in use. Many different brands used the same technology as this one. Most of these units are over 10 years in age, but there are plenty still in use out there. Code cracking software is easily obtained by anyone with an internet connection.

The people in these homes may not realize their door is going up or down. Even worse, people in the home may hear it opening, but dismiss the event as a family member arriving home. Using a method like this, an intruder could enter and exit your home without your knowledge.

You can still protect your home with a few common sense measures. Always keep the door from the garage to the interior of your home locked. This should be something everyone does at night and when away. Since your remote is usually clipped to the visor, make sure to lock the car when parking in the driveway. It may also be time to consider a new opener if yours is outdated.  Newer models usually have more up to date security and safety features.


In order to determine whether or not your model is using old school technology, take a look at the manual that came with it. (Many manufacturers offer an online version of their owner’s manuals.) Make sure it has some type of “rolling code” technology. For example, LiftMaster brand units use Security+ rolling code technology. Any models with this newer type of remote control will not open using the system used in the video. Most other manufacturers will have a similar technology in their models.

If you do have an older model garage door opener, you may consider replacing it. They can usually be installed professionally starting at around 0, or can be purchased at a local retail store. If you do decide to start shopping, prepare to be impressed by the abundance of motor sizes, drive types, warranties, and various types of accessories that are available. You may want to call a few reputable installers in your area to get an idea about which of the many types would be right for you. Most companies will provide you with an idea about pricing over the phone, as well.

Even if you can’t afford to replace your old opener, there are still steps you can take to make the garage more secure. Some models have a “Lock” function which blocks any remotes or keyless entry from being used. Enabling this option will cause nothing but the wall button to function.  Worst case you can always dis-engage the motor. Usually this is accomplished by pulling the red cord that hangs overhead.  Just remember to lock and unlock your keylock on the garage door, especially before re-engaging and using the opener again. If you don’t have any kind of manual lock available, a simple lock for this purpose can be purchased at most hardware stores. Of course, last but not least, always keep the door from the garage into your home locked.

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