Industrial Storage Cabinets – Metal, Plastic and Wood Options Explored

Industrial Storage Cabinets – Metal, Plastic and Wood Options Explored

Article by Lee Andersons

Industrial storage cabinets have a very high demand in the market and the modern designs are practical, easy to maintain and cost effective. The metal cabinets are more popular in home kitchens, industrial storage cabinets are eminently suitable for offices, warehouses, factories and industrial kitchens.

The storage cabinets are well designed to hide the nuts and bolts that hold them together and reinforced to carry any load, whether light or heavy duty. The prices on these cabinets are competitive and assembly is relatively easy if you follow the simple instructions. In addition to being easy to assemble they are equally easy to dismantle and set up again in another place, which is an added advantage.

You should not be misled by the word industrial; these metal industrial steel cabinets can also be used at home to provide additional storage space. Most homes have a basement or storeroom and these cabinets are extremely handy to have around. They are very strong due to the reinforced construction and steel we don’t need telling is a very durable product. Steel unlike wood is not prone to insect attacks and will keep the damp out, thereby ensuring that your things remain safe, dry and mould free.

Rubbermaid is a name synonymous with high quality and excellent performance consumer and commercial products that cater to the food sector, home organization, refuse collection products and the medical sector. Their products are wide ranging and encompass a huge number of products; the storage cabinets are one of their most innovative lines and their products are found worldwide. The Newell Company merged with Rubbermaid in 1999 and the company has continued its outstanding performance.

Some good reasons to buy Rubbermaid industrial storage cabinets:

Ideal for cluttered storage areas; allows you to store equipment and valuables out of sight, yet making them easily accessible.Easy assembly snap together design is a hassle free setup that is quick, effortless and without the need for tools.Lightweight design belies the ruggedness of a cabinet that can easily hold approximately 700 pounds in weight. You get durability, stability and convenience all rolled into one when you purchase industrial storage cabinet.Constructed with high density polyethylene that is capable of taking some hard knocks and will not give in to denting. Ideal for heavy tool boxes, paint cans and other equipment in your garage, that can be safely stored away in one of these heavy duty cabinets.

When it comes to elegant storage cabinets, you simply cannot do better than choosing wooden storage cabinets. These cabinets fit easily into kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and basically any place you choose to put them. It gives you a warm feeling and sets it apart from all other materials; it enhances the aesthetics of the room and can be carved and painted to look very decorative.

There are two types of cabinet building that are the mainstay of wood cabinets, face frame and faceless cabinetry. Face frame cabinetry is the name given to cabinets that have a solid face frame installed in front of the cabinets is a very Americanized style of cabinet making and provides more space between door and drawers. Faceless cabinetry is the European version and not as sturdily built as the face frame cabinets.

In closing we emphasize that each type of storage cabinet has its own merits and the choice is the up to you whether to opt for industrial storage cabinets in metal, plastic or wood.

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