Increasing Safety in Your Home: Figuring Out Whether a Home Alarm System is Right for You

Increasing Safety in Your Home: Figuring Out Whether a Home Alarm System is Right for You

Article by Jon Jacobson

Opinions on crime in this country are divided. There are old-timers who say that it is worse than it has ever been, and experts who counter that statistically speaking, the United States is a great deal safer than in the past, despite what news reports say. However, one truth is undeniable: that economic instability definitely makes for more crime, whether living in a packed urban area or in a comfortable suburb.

A number of homes in the country already have home security systems installed, whether to ensure that a house stays safe from would-be robbers or to offer an extra measure of help for an elderly relative who needs a one-button emergency response team to live independently. However, just as many homes in the United States have yet to make this kind of investment, preferring instead to live on common-sense tips and budget steps towards a safer home.

While taking matters into your own hands in the form of securing windows, trimming shrubbery, and installing lights with timers inside and outside, sometimes people report that even these steps do not seem to act as a strong enough deterrent. And so much of the time, it is not the fault of those who are installing the security measures, but rather, the expertise and professionalism of the robbers. After all, if it was your job to break into houses when they were empty, you would probably catch onto a few tricks along the way and figure out when someone was overcompensating for their own absence.

This is one of the reasons that it makes so much sense to go ahead and invest in the installation of a home security system: no matter how intelligent you are, your job is not robbing houses, so you’re going to miss a trick or two. Whether it’s making the mistake of putting out a large box for trash day without realizing that it basically advertises that you just got a new television set or turning on the same lights every time you aren’t home, there are some tells that anyone but criminals would be oblivious to. But the one thing that will always stop a crook in his tracks is the telltale sound of an alarm, because it is impossible to determine if the noise is just for show, or if the police are currently on their way.

There are a number of misconceptions about home alarm systems. The fact is, they will not completely prevent break-ins, but what they do is just as important: a criminal is not going to stick around for very long once an alarm sounds, so if you always remember to arm it, it severely decreases the amount of time that someone is in your home once they’ve broken in. And since home invasions are all about time and opportunity, by cutting the window of time to grab belongings down to a mere 30 seconds or less, you are significantly diminishing the chances of a robber grabbing many of your possessions. Remember that holding them to one or two objects is just as much of a victory as keeping them out in the first place.

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