Important Things to Consider when Choosing Garage Doors

Important Things to Consider when Choosing Garage Doors

Article by Sam Butterworth


Garage doors may not get an awful lot of press but they are undoubtedly an important aspect of our home security. Whether your garage contains a Ferrari, a Ford or a bag of old Christmas decorations, it’s nice to know that it is safe in there. Furthermore, a lot of houses have garages attached meaning that if the garage is not secure, then neither is the house. For these reasons it is important to consider carefully the kind of garage door you are going to get.

Ease of Use

Another point to ponder is ease of use. Garage doors come in a number of designs from manual up-and-over garage doors to automatic ones. Some are simple doors that you lift while others allow you to remain in your car as the door slides open at the push of a button. Here are some of the designs to give you a better idea of what is available:


Up-and-over garage doors are available in a number of materials and sizes. You can opt for steel, timber, and fibre-glass; sizes range from single to double garages and made-to-measure doors can also be bought though prices may be higher. The up-and-over canopy is balanced using a torsion spring and raised with lifting cables which are attached to roller spindles. Up-and-over garage doors are also compatible with remote control automated operators if you want the luxury of being able to sit comfortably in your car as you garage door raises like your very own portcullis.

Roller Doors

Roller doors offer maximum drive-through clearance in terms of width and height; this is thanks to the design in which the door rolls back behind the opening reveals. Roller doors are made to measure to the millimetre and are ideal for smaller garages where internal garage space is valuable.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are available in steel or timber and are suitable for double or single garages. They are ideal for automation as the four or more panels that they consist of slide back into the ceiling of the garage along horizontal tracks. The danger of trapping fingers in the gaps in the panels is also removed as they are designed with contoured tongue and groove joins – this also prevents there being any leverage points for potential burglars to use to break in.

There are evidently some interesting and cleverly-designed garage doors out there and the above are just a selection. The important things to consider are security, ease of use and space, so consider these points when choosing – the ideal door for you will be out there.

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Halico Garage Doors is a company that provides a whole range of garage doors, from manually operated ones to remotely operated doors that allow you to sit in the comfort of your car as your garage door slides open.

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