If Even the Celebs Can’t Get Home Security Right, How Can We?

If Even the Celebs Can’t Get Home Security Right, How Can We?

Article by Jon Jacobson

At the beginning of December, hotel heiress Nikki Hilton fell victim to home invasion and burglary – something that seems to be happening quite a bit in Hollywood lately. Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox and Nikkei’s own sister Paris Hilton are just a few of the names on the list of several celebrities whose homes have been broken into in recent months. Jewels, cash, clothes and accessories are on the list of expensive items taken from the homes of these stars, who have spoken out indignant at the breach of privacy and security that has taken place.

Recently, the plot has thickened even more as the police have discovered a band of burglars in Los Angeles. The young bandits (all under the age of 30) apparently targeted celebrity homes in a slew of burglaries. Orlando Bloom and Audrina Partridge both make the list of stars targeted by the gang.

From hacked Twitter pages to stolen cell phones to home invasions, it seems that, as of late, celebrities are suffering more and more from serious invasions of privacy and property.

These developments may leave many of us wondering how we are supposed to stay safe and secure at home if even the stars are unable to do so. With all of the access in the world to home security systems, home alarms, cameras, guards and the like, they still fall victim to home invasions. If the rich and famous fail at home security, how are the rest of us supposed to make it?

There is no one answer to the question that is home security and safety. Nevertheless, this rash of break-ins of the homes of those with wealth and fame shows that money may not always be the solution. In fact, our own behaviors, habits and attitudes affect our safety and security much more than many of us imagine.

A good place to start is with paying attention to who we invite into our homes. Though none of these celebrity burglaries were committed by house guests who were at the time of the robberies invited into the homes, they were committed by people who, in some cases, had already been inside. Such was the case with Lindsay Lohan, who had invited one of the alleged perpetrators into her home on prior occasions. Unfortunately, we cannot always trust those around us, especially when they are new acquaintances who we may not know as much as we think or would like.

Other home security habits are important as well, regardless of how much we’ve spent on staying safe. Lock doors and windows when in and out of the house. Always set alarms and close up at night – even when you’re tired. Be aware of surroundings and do not be afraid to act if you feel unsafe. These are all simple behaviors and habits that can go a long way.

No one is completely safe from crime and invasion – not even those with the most money and clout. Nevertheless, behavior checks and good habits can go a long way in keeping us and our loved ones safe and sound at home.

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