How to Protect Your Home Appliances and Furnishings

How to Protect Your Home Appliances and Furnishings

Article by Libby Gerberi

Many homeowners are great about maintaining the look, feel and appearance of the outside of their home, but don’t know how to keep the inside of their home looking its best. This guide to caring for and preserving the essential appliances, surfaces, wood, electronics, leather, and metals you use every day will help the inside of your home look great and last longer!

Granite Care: With the proper care, your granite or marble countertop will stay beautiful for years. There are a few simple steps you can take to keep your hard surfaces clean and protected. The first key is to clean up spills immediately, before they penetrate the surface. Also, many foods and beverages have acids that will eat away at granite, like lemon juice and vinegar. Use specially formulated wipes to clean the granite, and always rinse and dry after washing.

If problems appear too difficult to treat you should call your professional stone supplier, installer, or restoration specialist. this is especially true when it comes to removing or repairing a scratch in granite.

Stainless Steel Care: Stainless steel surfaces offer the benefits of less maintenance and ultimate durability. Although they are very resistant to corrosion, they are not completely impervious to it. The chemical reactivity of the surface must be routinely addressed to ensure maximum protection. Always use a high-quality, non-abrasive cleaner to regularly maintain the surface. After applying the cleaner, rub in the direction of the natural metal grain with a soft, dry cloth then buff with a soft cloth to shine.

You should clean the surface routinely, rather than in a single, aggressive session, and avoid use of metallic scourers,coarse abrasives or abrasive powders. Also, you should avoid contact with aggressive chemicals, like chlorine, commonly used to sanitize equipment, and hydrochloric acid, which is used in some cleaning agents.

Leather Care: Leather is a beautiful, warm complement to the atmosphere of any home. Its versatility and softness also make it functional and luxurious for clothing, accessories and automobiles. Caring for and extending the life of your leather mostly requires preventative maintenance with quality leather-care products. You should always use a high-quality leather cleaner/conditioner, and avoid using cleaning fluid, shoe cream, saddle soap and mink oil. These products contain ingredients that may damage leather. Remember to test any protectant or cleaning product on a hidden area of the leather before applying ubiquitously. And always allow wet leather to dry at room temperature.

Glass/Ceramic Cook Top Care: Smooth cooking surfaces appeal to many consumers because they are relatively easy to clean and maintain. If there is a normal to light amount of dirt on the surface, clean it with a specialty cooktop cleaner after each use. Wipe until the soil and cleaner are removed. Clean the cook top surface frequently to ensure a protective coating is applied, which helps prevent scratches and abrasions. For heavier soils or burned-on foods, apply a few drops of cleaning cream to the cool, soiled area. Buff the zone clear with a paper towel or a cooktop cleaning pad made specifically for glass/ceramic smooth top ranges.

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Libby Gerberi writes for Weiman Products, a manufacturer of premium natural household cleaning products. Weiman offers products like eco-friendly stainless steel cleaner, as well as cleaners for marble, leather, granite, and more.

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