How to Choose the Best Home Alarm System

How to Choose the Best Home Alarm System

With burglaries and theft always a constant concern, it is always a good idea to at least look into improving your home security. Green Locksmith Anaheim has been a part of the locksmith and home security business for several years.  From our years of experience, we see that home alarm systems can be a great way to increase your family’s safety. Additionally, it is a good way to increase the value of your property. Here is a quick overview of the home alarm system world and how you can navigate smoothly to a provider that is most appropriate for your situation.

What is a home alarm system? How does it work? There are both hard-wired and wireless home alarm systems, but they basically work the same way. In general, there is the main console which acts like the “brain” of the entire alarm system. There is also always a control panel, which you see hanging up usually by the front door inside the home. That is how home owners interact with the alarm system, shutting it off and on. Thirdly, there are various sensors installed on possible entry points of the home. These sensors are typically installed on the doors and windows and consist of two parts: one on the door or window itself, and the other on frame. When the door or window is closed, these two halves complete each other, and complete an electrical circuit. If the alarm system is turned on and the door or window is opened, the circuit will be broken, triggering the alarm to go off.

What is a commonly used home alarm system? These days, most homeowners choose a wireless alarm system as it offers more flexibility to make changes. Also, many home owners subscribe to a central alert service that will contact the police or fire department immediately if the alarm goes off.

How to begin researching home alarm systems?

First you should perform a risk assessment for your home.  You can do this on your own by examining the outside of your own, writing down points of access, including garage doors and basement windows. Also keep track of areas where burglars can easily hide from view, such as behind shrubbery, trees, fences, etc.  If you decide to employ the help of professionals (e.g., locksmiths, consultants, alarm system retailers, etc.), make sure these professionals also perform a security check in and around your home.
Get the lay of the land by doing online research. Go to a number of retailer sites to evaluate the costs and complexity of the plans/jobs.  Some well known providers include ADT, GSM, and Autodial. Compare costs, including the cost of alarm system set-up and installation.
Speak to professionals! Those with the technical background can include locksmiths, home security professionals, and home alarm system retailers. Once you have your facts and costs in front of you, it can be easier to negotiate deals.

Best of luck! If you live in or around Anaheim, CA, Green Locksmith Anaheim would be happy to guide you further in this area. Your home security and family safety are always top priorities!

Green Locksmith Anaheim business owner, Tamir Hadad, has been involved in the locksmith industry since 2002. He started out as part time Locksmith provider in San Diego and is now the proud owner of Green Locksmith. Green Locksmith and Associates serves hundreds of costumers each day in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

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