Home Security Means More than an Alarm

Home Security Means More than an Alarm

Article by Laura Williamson

The modern world has become increasingly unsafe. The number of burglaries and home invasions across the US has increased by a substantial amount according to recent studies. In response, homeowners are increasingly determined to find the best ways to increase their home security. Often, an alarm system is the preferred choice of these homeowners. However, increasing the security within your home means more than just adding an alarm system and going on your merry way. In some cases, it can mean a significant change in your habits, as well. Ensuring security for your home and your family requires several different actions.

Home Security Systems

The first thing you should do, of course, is invest in a quality home alarm system. While these are not the end all, be all of the situation, they can do an immense amount to increase the safety of your family and your home. Find a system that works for your needs, that incorporates more than simple door alarms and connects you to a monitoring station that will monitor your safety 24-hours per day. Advanced systems are widely available from a number of top companies, so you have many choices here that can work wonders.

Your Yard

Another tremendous concern for your home security is the condition of your yard. For example, if you have tall shrubs or trees near your home, burglars can use these hiding areas. Some trees can even allow a home invader to climb to a second-story window and break in where traditional alarm systems do not provide protection. If you have shrubs or trees around your home, make sure that you keep them well trimmed (or remove them entirely) to eliminate this security threat.

Your Lighting

Exterior lighting is usually thought of as a convenience for homeowners, rather than as a safety precaution. However, statistics show that burglars are far more likely to target a home where there are few or no exterior lights, rather than risk being seen at a well-lit home. In fact, if you choose to install lighting at strategic points around your home, such as near the front and rear doors, your garage doors, and all four corners of the home, you can reduce your risk of burglary by a tremendous amount.

Your Neighbors

The art of being neighborly has largely fallen into decline in recent years. However, the fact remains that your neighbors can be your best protection against criminal activity in your neighborhood, including burglary and home invasion. You can increase your home security by forming a neighborhood watch, or simply by getting to know your neighbors a bit more. Good neighbors can watch out for your home, and you can return the favor, leading to a much better situation.

These are just a few of the ways that you will find to increase the security of your family and your home. However, it is essential that you make the needed changes to avoid the prospect of criminals invading your home.

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