Home Security Advice for Business Travelers From Chicago to Washington

Home Security Advice for Business Travelers From Chicago to Washington

Article by Jon Jacobson

Hitting the road for business has become a pretty common part of life in America. And whether you spend most of your time traveling because of your particular position, or simply are spending a bit more time traveling because of needs in the industry, it can be both exciting and stressful to have to travel for work. But with the economy as iffy as it has been lately, there is likely no one out there who is ready to say “no boss, I want to stay here in Chicago” when the opportunity to work more is presented. But whether you’re having to spend a couple of days of the year on the road or don’t even remember what your Washington home looks like, there are other concerns besides the logistics of whether or not you want to be on the road in the first place. After all, the tougher economic times also means that more and more people are spending their time robbing houses. Breaking and entering rates are on the rise across the entire country, and local and national crime statistics are showing that while violent crimes are not on the rise, these breaking and enterings are at far higher numbers. And this also means that they are across the board. If you think that you live in a neighborhood that’s immune and don’t even bother to set your home alarm system before hitting the road for business, you’re pretty much asking to get robbed.So business travelers should be sure to take care of their homes, even if they aren’t on the road for months at a time. The first thing to remember is the fact that a home that looks vacant is always more likely to get robbed. This is because of the fact that robbers do not want to deal with confrontation. No robber is looking forward to running into a homeowner: that ruins the entire experience. So if your home is obviously empty and it doesn’t appear that you’re going to be back for awhile, that’s a major threat to your home security–and a major turn-on for most who are professional criminals.How to not make your home look like a sitting duck? Simple steps that aren’t even going to cost all that much money. For one thing, investing in a simple timer for your indoor and outdoor lights can mean that it appears people are moving about the house throughout the day and night, even if it’s just a timer setting the lights on and off. There are other steps, too. Be sure that you keep a car in the driveway if possible, since it looks like someone is home. Also try to remember to get your mail and newspaper service suspended. Nothing is a bigger concern for your home security than a gigantic pile of undelivered mail on your welcome mat. This gives a criminal the idea that not only are you not there, you won’t be back for awhile. And that’s the last thing you want on a robber’s mind.

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