Garage Doors Prices Are Not The First Thing To Consider About Your New Garage

Garage Doors Prices Are Not The First Thing To Consider About Your New Garage

Article by Sara Leadbetter

So you think you need to add a garage to your property? Here are just a few points that you as a homeowner should consider before starting your new project. Firstly, there are many different types of garage. If you are investing in a new building on your land then make sure that it adds as much value as possible to your property. Is it just for a single car? Might there be a need for the storage of two cars further down the track? Is it possible to add a sleepout to the roof space or a workshop to the rear corner? Is your loft overcrowded and could your garage be useful for storage space? Could you add a rumpus room for the children?

As with any other building design, think through all the possible space connotations before instigating the building of your new project. If finances are tight at the moment, but you would like to add to the building later then simply build the shell of the building and basic structure with these later additions in mind and implement them slowly over time as finances allow. You may not be able to have everything you want all at once, but should you sell, the ability of the buyer to finish these upgrades themselves will enhance the value of your property.

Once you have made a decision as to the use and future use of your intended garage space, have a careful look at your property. Where are you going to put your new garage? Where are the current access points to your property and can they be changed or adapted to meet the needs of the addition to your property? Where is there enough space for the footprint of the garage that you have decided you require? Try not to block sunlight from your home – this will devalue it. If it is possible, consider building onto the south side of your home. Building the garage here will act as another layer of insulation to your home on this coldest, darkest wall. A further advantage of adding onto your existing property as opposed to building an entirely separate structure, means that you can install the bonus of an interconnecting door from your property into the garage. On rainy days (as long as you also install an automatic garage door opener) this means that you can leave your home without encountering a single raindrop.

If you decide that there isn’t enough room on your property to build a garage big enough to enable you to park two cars side by side, then consider a tandem garage as an alternative. A tandem garage is a long and thin one as opposed to the traditional short and wide variety and allows you to park one car behind the other. Also, don’t forget that there is a huge variety of garage door prices and options available. For example, if one side of the garage will be mostly used as a workshop then think about installing two separately operated garage doors. Then you can easily remove your vehicle while keeping your expensive equipment away from weather and prying eyes.

Alternatively, for those of us who prefer a lot of space to manoeuvre, the double garage door that spans the full length of a double garage is optimum. Or for those of us that don’t enjoy reversing from our drives onto the road, then have a look and see if there is enough space to drive around your property. If there is, then it is worth considering putting a door at each end of your new building, then you can drive straight through – this option is an excellent one for boat and trailer owners. Garage Doors Prices range from the low and standard to the lofty financial heights of the technically complex and custom made. However, the variety of available doors means that you will be able to acquire exactly what you and your garage need.

There is an option that will work for everyone, but the most important thing about embarking on any building project is to know exactly what you want before you start!

About the Author

Sara Leadbetter is a Business Advisor based in Christchurch, New Zealand. She specialises in Internet Marketing and works with Garage Door Installers across New Zealand and Australia. This report was based on Sara’s work with Prestige Garage Doors

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