G-Floor Garage Floor Coating

G-Floor Garage Floor Coating

Article by Crystal Ware

Many gear-heads consider their garage to be an extension of their home and these are the people who will love G-Floor Garage floor protection. Made from tough and non-porous PVC the protective covering provides protection over any Garage Floor Coating or Polyaspartic Floor CoatingThe G-Floor garage floor protection is designed to create a barrier against any garage stains, including paint, battery acid, gasoline and motor oil. When an accident does happen, all these materials wash off the protective coating with soap and water. The slip-resistant cushioning of the material also quiets garage noise, making it easier to spend hours working in the garage. The.05″ to.75″ thick material creates a cushion that makes hours of standing or kneeling more comfortable. Installing the protector is as easy as rolling it out and cutting to size with a utility knife- there’s no need for messy adhesives. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns including coin, diamond and ribbed textures. The clear option is a good choice if you would like to keep the look of your current floor while protecting it from stains. The G-Floor Garage flooring carries a 5-year warranty. Customers rave about the protection offered by G-Floor garage floor protection:”Still getting used to it, but can’t imagine that I never had one before. It looks nice and does exactly what I expected, I would recommend it to anyone, as a matter of fact I going to order another for my other truck.” Mike Wiederholt (Greeley, KS)”Recently painted my garage floor after many years of neglect. Since I used standard latex porch/floor paint, I was concerned that it would lift off from hot car tires. Found the G-floor protector while researching garage floor mats, and decided to purchase one. The 7.5″ x 17′ mat fit my garage floor perfectly and complements the floor itself. The mat is well made and designed. This was an excellent purchase and I would recommend it to others.” James M. (Toms River, NJ)If you want a garage that looks great, and stays looking great through mud and spills, the G-Floor Garage floor protection is the right choice for you.

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