Dogs Should Never Be Used For Home Protection

Dogs Should Never Be Used For Home Protection

If you want a dog for home protection, the best type of dog is not a 100 lb muscle bound animal that can crush metal pipe. The best type of dog is a dog that simple makes a lot of noise. Most people buy dogs for house pets and a nice addition to the family. A dog that is bought for protection usually will not make a good house pet because they are trained to attack intruders.
Dogs have a hard time deciphering the good guys and bad. They see someone that does not come in the house often, and they don’t know so they must attack them. How would you like it if you had 100 lb pit-bull jump on Grandma because she only visits once a year? If you are out on a walk and a child approaches your dog, he feels threatened and bits the child you may be help liable for those actions. You may be held liable to the point where if you caused the damage with your own hands. If you are not able to control your dog you also may be held liable, not to mention a dog that is out of control makes your life miserable.
One of the worst enemies to a home intruder is noise. If you have a small dog that makes a lot noise at the slightest rattle is going to be the best way to alert you, or scare away a would be intruder. Even though its true, a little 12 lb mutt will not be able to cause physical damage to an intruder, but the intruder does not know what kind of dog it is, and it will make them think twice if they want to brake in and possible come face to face with a dog with the head the size of a football and grin from ear to ear. At night, a dog that barks a lot will also wake you up. I’m sure you will have many nights when that dog seems to be barking at the wind. Even after several shoes are thrown at him he just wont shut up, but that one time he simply won’t shut up, and you hear someone running away after trying to break in, you will thank him for life.
 You want your house to be the least desirable to break in. If someone has to choose between the quit dark house across the street and the house with the annoying dog that won’t shut up, chances are he will not pick the house with the dog. Plus, you will have a nice companion that will always be at your side and only asks for food water, a couple milk bones and a walk every once in a while.

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