DIY Building – Keeping Garage Construction Costs Down

DIY Building – Keeping Garage Construction Costs Down

You discover that there is going to be time in your crazy schedule to accomplish one thing that has only been in your dreams. You have decided to build a garage. Before you go heading out the door with just a hammer, some nails and few sketches on a napkin, be sure to check out what you are looking at by way of gargage construction cost.

Here are some tips that may help you to keep your garage construction cost down to levels that are affordable, although they are not cheap. With a little planning, you will find that you can save a great deal of money as you add on the garage.

Start your shopping well BEFORE you plan on starting work. If you wait until you are actually ready to start with your hammer, you will inevitably spend a lot more money. Besides, starting your materials and supplies shopping early will allow you to investigate or research several different types of products. Start shopping too late and you’ll probably make some mistakes in your purchases.

Before going out and spending a gazillion dollars on lumber, consider buying slightly defective studs and plywood. These days many lumber mills offer reduced prices on lumber studs and plywood sheets that may have been mishandled, and therefore are not as attractive in appearance. Many times these particular pieces are picked over and left behind. If you’re going to be covering the lumber with drywall, brick or concrete anyway, who cares?

Last and certainly not least, take the time to shop around. Since you will have started shopping well in advance, you will plenty of time to pick and choose. If it seems expensive, wait a week or two. With the economy in the toilet these days, there is always something on sale at one of the big home improvement stores. Make sure to look in the Sunday newspaper inserts for the latest specials and sales being advertised.

Proper preparation can save thousands of dollars on construction costs. Find a nice flat area to store your stockpile now.

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