Digital copyright protection technology required to accelerate the standardization – digital rights,

Digital copyright protection technology required to accelerate the standardization – digital rights,

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While the traditional digital TV Progress was slow, but ChinaDRM (China Radio Television DRM Management Forum) to promote DRM (Digital Rights encrypted content protection technology) confidence and the pace has not stopped. With Network Video, mobile multimedia broadcasting and other new media, the rise of television, DRM To do something in the field of new media. Chief Engineer CCTV

Engineer, ChinaDRM Chairman Ding Wenhua, said the new media environment, the protection of information put forward higher requirements, content providers, technology solution providers, operators, terminal manufacturers and other industry chain link should work together, not alone, and form communities of interest, so as to promote the construction of digital copyright protection and industry standards and prosperity.

Take the New Media Express In the past year, network television, CMMB mobile TV, handheld TV and car represented by the rapid development of new media, become the new engine to drive economic development. Development of new media to a DRM-called digital rights management technology brought new opportunity for development. By DRM, content providers can regulate the user’s privileges, such as copy number, copy of the equipment, but also provides users to buy the contents of the applications in the wired network or Internet application.

Reason that the “new opportunity” because the promotion of the technology had not been very smooth. In 2004, Tsinghua University and China Central Television initiated the establishment of ChinaDRM, committed to DRM technology, research and extension. Despite 6 years of development time, but DRM is far from reach industrial application stage.

In fact, ChinaDRM inception, DRM technology mainly for the traditional areas of digital television, and now the new media realm, from one side of the current state of development reflects the DRM. It is understood that, as of March 7, 2010, ChinaDRM has 80 member units, but more than half of the members of the program technology providers, content providers, operators and other small number of core members.

Network television, CMMB and other new media emerged and developed rapidly to DRM see “another ray of sunshine.” “With the” Culture Industry Promotion Plan “to implement the official release and the ‘triple play’ a clear timetable for China’s new media industry ushered in major opportunities, new media, digital rights management is an important foundation for successful development.” Ding Wenhua said.

Ding Wenhua said that at present ChinaDRM focus on new media, does not mean to stop DRM in the traditional digital TV promotion. “While the new media, new markets can not be ignored, but we work in the field of traditional digital television is still advancing.” He said.

Current network television in the ascendant, the network television stations have emerged in China, Zhejiang Radio Blue Network, Hunan Radio and Television Mango TV, radio and television in Shenzhen “China moments” such as a large number of network television; CMMB official business of this year, the next five years is expected to develop a million users. While the new media is still in early stages of development, the demand on the DRM is not very strong, it is clear that once the DRM to catch the express train of the new media boom, will effectively make up for its promotion of the traditional slow progress in the field of digital television defect.

Standard more slowly DRM standards Chemical industry As can be traced back to 2006. Year, ChinaDRM Drafting Committee set up a standard, under the jurisdiction of three working groups are: Content production team, content distribution unit and a family network group, which has jurisdiction over the content of mobile TV distribution group task. “The Working Group has completed the drafting of a number of criteria, such as radio and television digital rights management metadata standards, digital rights management, radio and television broadcast content distribution??? Radio control markings, the draft standards has been a lot of radio and television total Bureau project will soon be officially released. “Ding Wenhua said. Information Technology Research Institute of Tsinghua University Professor

, ChinaDRM home network, Team Leader Xing-Jun Wang said that such digital content rights management standard drafting, makes up our digital rights management and protection gaps. Although some of the current DRM standards

completed project, but has not yet been released, in addition to many standard still in the proposal stage of assembly and drafting. Who has been involved in DRM standardization of corporate official told reporters, DRM systems are too complex and related standards work has been slow progress, which to some extent, undermined the enthusiasm of the enterprises.

DRM standard so they could not launch a project called UCPS (Digital Content Protection System Interface Specification) standard has been officially released. UCPS is Electronic Standardization Institute organized a number of key domestic enterprises and research institutes TV machine digital interface developed by content protection technology, its main role is to end the various interfaces, the effective protection of digital content.

Changhong Technology Center, said Liu Xianhong UCPS standard head-end protection is ideal conservation, but now look, UCPS was more practical. Other terminal companies are said to reporters, compared with UCPS standard, DRM standard core participants are foreign companies, is not conducive to domestic enterprises to seize the initiative.

This, Ding Wenhua said that only from the perspective of content protection terminal is clearly inadequate, and only from the production, distribution to the network transmission links between the end of the content protection, can really achieve the purpose of copyright protection. DRM has a good open, domestic and foreign companies can participate in, contribute to the future according to the size of business for fair treatment of intellectual property.

Operators need more support If the standard is the basis of DRM off, then the support for radio and television operators, whose industrial development is an important support. However, in 80 ChinaDRM members of the unit, the operator only Oriental Cable Network Company 1. This situation reflects the current DRM for domestic radio and television operators, and not very attractive.

Currently, operators in the broadcasting market plays a leading role, solution providers and terminal operators, enterprises should focus on the needs of developing technologies and products, only to seize the operators, DRM can better survive and develop. However, the current operator used in content protection, most of CA (Conditional Access) technology. In the two-way digital value-added services not generally carried out under, CA technology enables content protection. “With the rise of two-way interactive value-added services, DRM advantages will become more apparent.” Tsinghua University’s Wang said, “In addition, CA is the operator of the tool, but not the content provider’s tools, content providers can not guarantee that the content is not CA Copy piracy. “

Learned, CA for

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