Different Styles of House Alarms to Choose From

Different Styles of House Alarms to Choose From

Investing in house alarms is a wise decision and will offer your home and family the protection they deserve. There are a variety of products available on the market and finding the best style for your property can be confusing. Discover the differences and decide what features you need in order to choose the optimum system.

Two Basic Styles
Although there is a wide assortment of styles, house alarms can be categorized into two main styles. The first type is commonly called Type A by the police forces. It includes a remote signal and a URN (unique reference number) that is registered with the police. Authorities will generally respond to this type of alarm as soon as it’s activated, without collaboration by any witnesses on the scene.

Type B is an unregistered house alarm, which includes bells-only systems as well as auto diallers. If the system does meet the requirements laid out by the police force, a URN will not be issued and police attendance will be dependent on both an alarm sounding and a call from an on-site witness.

Homeowners can tell which type they are buying by asking whether the system complies with the British Standard that applies. They can also ask the security company whether a URN will be issued to the system. Homeowners should always check the reputation and track record of the security company before a home security system is installed.

Hard-Wired or Wireless
This is another option within the two basic types of house alarms. Hard-wired systems are generally installed by a professional and hook into your home’s power system. There is often a battery backup on the alarm so that everything will continue to run during a power outage.

Wireless systems are sometimes referred to as DIY house alarms. Easily set up and often less expensive, this type of house alarm is almost always a bells-only style, which means that when activated the system will emit a loud ringing or trigger a siren. High end wireless alarms may also be monitored, which gives the added protection of having a security company monitoring the activity in and around your home through the alarm system.

House alarms are designed to avoid burglaries and cut down on damage to your home. Where you live and the size and appearance of your home will often dictate what style is needed, although your own personal feelings of safety are the most important factor. Choose a style and type that you are comfortable with to attain the best value from this home improvement.

House Alarms aren’t the only home security measure, by investing in strong and secure UPVC windows and doors your home will be significantly difficult to enter as well.

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