Different Forms of Home Security – Which One Is Right For You?

Different Forms of Home Security – Which One Is Right For You?

Home security is a must these days. Burglars are everywhere and you can never take chances when it comes to protecting your hard-earned property.

You can ensure that your home is secured by following some basic protocols. For one, you should lock your doors at all times. The hinges outside should have internal pins so they cannot be lifted out. You should also use deadbolt locks, especially in the garage because they are harder to open.

When it comes to lights, you should use timers to turn them on and off, especially when you are not at home. This will mislead burglars into thinking that someone is inside. Using some floodlights outside to illuminate all entry points that intruders would likely use is also a great idea.

There are also smart landscaping techniques to promote home security. For instance, you should steer clear from high shrubbery as it could serve as a hiding place for thieves. Instead, plant rosebushes under the windows. Their thorns would make it harder for burglars to get to your windows.


There are also different kinds of home alarm systems that can help protect your property. Some of the most popular ones come in the form of motion detectors, electric circuits, and infrared alarms.

Home security systems may be monitored or unmonitored. The former alerts a central call center when the alarms are triggered. Then, the call center will check with the homeowners to see if things are okay. The latter produces a loud noise (a siren) inside and outside the house whenever the alarm is triggered. There may also be flashing lights as the siren goes off. The lights help in easily identifying which house is in danger. The responsibility now lies in the neighbors to call the police.

Home security systems may also be classified as hard-wired or wireless. The former uses wires that are installed in the walls and crawl spaces. These wires serve as sensor connectors towards a main control panel. The wireless type, on the other hand, is easier to install as it does not demand complicated installation. You can also easily bring it in tow when you have to move. Hard-wired systems are more expensive but are considered more reliable because they do not easily get interfered with by electromagnetism like their wireless counterparts.

The best form of home security will all depend on your needs, circumstances, and capacities. Learn about the different ways to protect your home and go for the ones you think would work best for you.

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