Deciding About Garage Flooring in Marin

Deciding About Garage Flooring in Marin

There’s so much to consider when deciding about garage flooring in Marin. Which contractor will you use? What type of flooring is best for your garage? Have you budgeted enough to get the floor you want?

Choosing a new floor in your garage can make the value of your home increase considerably. Even though this isn’t something most homeowners think about in regard to their home’s value, the experts at Bay Area Custom Garage, Inc. will help you choose the floor that will add value to your home. You may not be planning to sell your home any time soon but it’s good to know that you can recoup some of the cost in the future.

Your biggest concern in changing the floor in your garage is most likely cost. While this might be something to consider, it may not be the most important factor.  Think about benefits of having a new floor and the cost may not be so important.

When deciding about garage flooring in Marin you will likely want a surface which is durable. You can also find many color choices. A surface which resists oil and chemical spills will also be important. And if you’re concerned about keeping the floor looking great, the new floor surfaces available today are easy to clean and maintain.

Will you use your garage only for storing your family’s vehicles? If that’s what your garage will be used for, finding a suitable flooring may not be difficult. However, if you plan to use the garage as additional living space, your options will be different.

Epoxy paint is one choice for resurfacing your garage floor. It is less expensive than polymer paint but may not be as durable. The experts at Bay Area Custom Garage, Inc. use hybrid polymers and polyureas. These dry quickly and can be installed in colder temperatures as well as those which are warmer. They are also highly resistant to chemical spills. This type of surface will absorb into the concrete as well as an epoxy-based surface and are not flammable while they are being installed. They also have lower VOC levels.

Floor tiles may be another choice to consider. Unlike epoxy and latex which are painted to the concrete surface, floor tiles will float above the surface. Tiles may not be the best choice as they can mold, can harbor insects and may not be easy to repair if there is damage. Floor tiles are made from PVC which is not environment friendly. When they’ve been used and are ready to be replaced, they will most likely end up in a landfill.

The experts at Bay Area Custom Garage, Inc. are eager to talk with you. They want to help you choose the best option when deciding about garage flooring in Marin. Call (925) 682-2365 if you’d like to set up an appointment or free quote today.


Bay Area Custom Garages, Inc. will transform your garage.  We are dealers/installers  for various companies  that we feel are manufacturing the best products available in our industry.  We provide you with quality workmanship, quality products and exceptional service.  For more information, contact us at (925) 682-2365 or

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