CyberAlert Announces New Media Monitoring Services and Features

CyberAlert Announces New Media Monitoring Services and Features

Article by William Comcowich

STRATFORD, CT: (08/25/09) CyberAlert, a leading worldwide media monitoring service, today announced three new features and services. The services are “Automated Translation” of non-English language clips; “News on Your Site,” a quick and easy-to-use way for clients to publish clips on their website; and Twitter monitoring, an automated method to continually monitor Twitter tweets for key words and phrases. Instant Translation Service

All of CyberAlert’s ( daily e-mail alerts now include language identification and an automated translation service for all non-English language clips. The “Translate” link on each foreign language media clip in the client’s daily e-mail alert provides an almost instant translation of the media clip. The service enables clients to see both the original text and the English translation side-by-side. The service translates only the headline and body text of the article. The translation excludes any sidebar text or ads that appear on the original source page. While the translation software from Google produces English-language copy that’s far from perfect, the results are accurate enough to get a reasonably good sense of article content. There is no additional charge for the new “Translate” feature and it is available to all CyberAlert clients.”News on Your Site”

With the “News on Your Site” feature, the CyberAlert 4.0 news monitoring service now offers all news monitoring clients the ability to easily select, edit and republish headlines and excerpts of news clips on their own external Website or intranet. Clients place a small piece of code provided by CyberAlert on the page where the “News of the Day” is to appear. Each day, the client selects the articles to be included in the “News of the Day” on the website and moves those articles to a special folder in the CyberAlert clip archive. The service enables the client to edit the headline and text of the selected articles. The CyberAlert service then automatically displays the last seven (7) selected articles on the client’s website or intranet. Upon ordering the service, clients can specify the size, color, position and header for the “News of the Day” feature. A sample of the new feature can be seen at which is also a preview of CyberAlert’s re-designed home page. CyberAlert has not yet determined a price for this new feature. All current CyberAlert news monitoring customers who order “News on Your Site” will receive the service at no additional charge for at least three months to assess the service and its value. Twitter Monitoring Service

CyberAlert has added monitoring of Twitter to its established consumer discussion monitoring services. All clients with consumer discussion monitoring services (e.g. BlogSquirrel blog monitoring service, Netpinions message board and forum monitoring service, and CyberAlert VDO monitoring of video sharing sites) can now receive Twitter tweets containing their key words. The new CyberAlert service automatically monitors Twitter regularly throughout the day for each client’s key words and delivers all identified Twitter posts in the client’s daily e-mail alert. There is no additional charge for Twitter monitoring for CyberAlert’s current consumer discussion monitoring clients for at least three months. CyberAlert will establish any additional future monthly fee for Twitter monitoring in consultation with clients who initially order the service. Additional information about the new CyberAlert features and services is available by contacting Kristin O’Connor at or 800-461-7353.

Contact:Kristin O’ConnorSenior Account Executivekoconnor@cyberalert.com800-461-7353203-375-7200

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