Condo and Apartment Buildings Should Have Video Home Security

Condo and Apartment Buildings Should Have Video Home Security

Article by Jon Jacobson

If you are an apartment or condominium building owner, one of the most sure fire ways to get new tenants and renters is to guarantee their safety. When showing an apartment, be prepared to field questions about home security and how you can guarantee their apartment or condo can be their new home sweet home. If you do not have a 24 hour security guard at the entry or some sort of key card to swipe entry, then you better look into installing a video security camera system to record all activity in the vicinity.Video camera security is the latest that many alarm companies are offering at affordable prices for both sprawling mansionous properties owned by families and those who are apartment owners and want to gain more tenants. Home alarm system providers see the need for the added security cameras and want to help you gain business in these difficult economic times. Most apartments are located in major cities where added security is necessary because of higher crime rates. By advertising this to your tenants and making the steps to make your building more secure, they are likely to send their friends to your building in referrals and it makes advertising on Craigslist and other apartment hunting sites easier because you have the advantage of a desirable security system in place. Even if you think just a key for the renter’s door is enough, think again. Unfortunately crime and home invasions are a major threat to city home security. At the very least, a security guard should be employed 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the building’s safety. Ideally, not only would you have a guard, but a security camera system installed for the guard to watch over any suspicious activity throughout the rest of the building, beyond the front entrance.The cameras are a valuable addition to your building’s security because a seasoned or veteran criminal is not going to try and access your building from the front entrance, where they know a security guard or reception is likely doing its job in protecting the building if a home alarm system is not installed. Instead, they’ll likely try from a loading dock or a window from above. In addition, security cameras are an especially good addition in stairwells and elevators in case someone does force their way in, or a resident lets a trusted person in that turns out to be harmful. By having a record of video in “trouble” spots, should anything go wrong, the tapes can always be turned over to the police for a speedier investigation of home invasions, rapes or armed robberies, all common in city apartments.Show your residents you care about their home security and look into getting a video system installed for their safety. It will increase your business and the tenants’ trust in you and your facility.

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home security matters even in a city apartment building. With adt video, your residents can rest easy knowing there’s an extra pair of eyes on their home sweet home.

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