Car maintenance and safety profile when the e-care is even more carefully – Automotive Electronics,

Car maintenance and safety profile when the e-care is even more carefully – Automotive Electronics,

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With the development of technology more and more electronic configuration and security configuration is applied to the car However relative to the mechanical parts the electronic and safety features need careful owners in the course of care br br quot For most owners the car 39 s electronic configuration and security configuration of basic 39 no 39 maintenance br br quot Longcamp Nissan service manager Ding Fujian franchised stores said quot The 39 no 39 maintenance does not mean that automotive electronics configuration and security configuration really does not need maintenance testing but there is no common technology and equipment owners their detection And now many models are equipped with trip computer and fault alarm lamp car parts out of the question which will light failure warning light so that owners know what went wrong and then directly to the 4S shop for car maintenance on the line quot br br To prevent unauthorized installation of vehicle electrical br br Nissan Longcamp shops service manager Ding Fujian further explained that the structure is divided into automotive electronics from the sensors control units actuators connecting wires of four parts automotive electronics failures are four aspects of normal and Operation has enjoyed a close relationship Automotive structures of these components are very sophisticated for use of the environment also have higher demands and the present owners of the prevailing lack of maintenance of electronic parts cleaning is not in place has become an important factor causing trouble Automotive Sensor for Automotive Electronic Control System source of information is the key automotive electronic control system components and it if the pollution by dust and other debris it could result in reduced sensor sensitivity and precision and even sensing signal distortion occurs which makes the vehicle control unit and actuator failure and unable to run normally so to keep the vehicle clean br br Although Ding Fujian said electronic configuration quot without quot specialized care but he also reminded car owners many owners now prefer to install in the car reversing radar navigation audio alarm and other electronic settings but because some practitioners personnel related technology however lead to the wrong access line or lines of the existing load to increase leading to short circuit causing electrical failure or even cause a fire Therefore we must avoid the unauthorized installation of vehicle electrical appliances br br Security Configuration Note airbags and ABS br br Now used more and more vehicle safety features in addition to common safety belts airbags and ABS in addition ESP electronic stability program TRC active traction control ASR acceleration skid control system RSC tire explosion system servo steering headlights anti glare rear view mirror and so on However these security configurations airbags and ABS is the largest owner of cognition is usually able to give the most attention Chang Chun hsiung br br Mazda franchised store services manager said incense cedar airbags should be running from 1 to 20 000 km in each post to the 4S shop check the airbag and its related parts if effectively maintained is valid up to ten years years Phenomena indicate that the owner should observe in their daily dashboard of the SRS airbag warning light The dashboard of the vehicle has airbag light under normal circumstances the ignition switch to the ON position the warning light will shine around about six seconds for self then turns off If the warning light has been flashing light or stop then show that the airbag system failure maintenance immediately to avoid accidents In addition the incense cedar cautioned that the surface of the airbag must not place any objects especially sharp objects or in the pop up when the airbag would cause great harm to the passengers br br As another common safety equipment ABS ABS failure warning light if the face suddenly lights up the owners should not panic too much the car 39 s braking system can still work the car can be a smooth opening to the maintenance station If ABS and hand brake lights lit the same time the vehicle 39 s brake system may indicate a serious failure this time must not continue driving slowing the car immediately stops the roadside in time and repair station links the rescue For the protection of ABS incense cedar said that each wheel has ABS sensor ABS sensor is easy winter snow quot covered quot leading to ABS failure so winter time is very important to clean tires

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