Buying A Garage Door Opener

Buying A Garage Door Opener

Article by John Johnson

Garage door openers were invented in the 1920s and have been available since the 1950s, but they’ve really only been widely used for the past 20 or 30 years. Now they’re a very common site in suburbia, almost as common as the garage itself. These devices have changed so much over the years, becoming so convenient and capable it is difficult for many folks to imagine living without them.

Garage door openers are an important part that can not be separated from our house . Today, modern life has changed openers to be home improvement needs. With this technology, people can easily open and close their garage door. Along with the increasing of market demand, companies that make these devices are vying to offer their best products.

They are now an integral part of custom homes . Almost every home owner today includes an attached two car garage to their home. And of course repair is part of owning garage doors.

Modern openers use computer technology called rolling code generation to provide additional security. Both the clicker and the receiver contain a small computer chip with identical code generators. After you press the clicker button and operate the door, both the clicker and the receiver generate a new identical code and save it in memory for the next operation. If the receiver detects a radio signal that matches the saved code, it operates the garage door. The number of possible codes is almost infinite (about one trillion for a forty-bit system).

Most openers now incorporate a security light into the ceiling motor unit. This light comes on whenever the garage door opener is activated and usually stays on for a short period of time thereafter to allow you to get out of your car and into the house.

When deciding which type of opener to buy, you’ll need to weigh the cost against your sensitivity to noise and the location of the bedrooms in your home. If the sleeping area is located above or near the garage, it may be worth paying an extra to for a quieter product. But if you have teenagers in the habit of sneaking out, you may prefer something that makes a little noise.

Belt Drive openers are extremely quiet. This type of garage door opener offers reliable, ultra-quiet and long lasting performance. They also cost a little bit more. These openers slow down for starts and stops and have more advanced security features that prevent would-be intruders from gaining access to your code. The belt drive is considered to be the best garage door opener available.Screw drive openers use a lifting mechanism that moves along a threaded steel rod. They are powerful units and because they have few moving parts, require little maintenance. This is generally the slowest moving of the three types of openers and is not as quiet as the belt drive units. Screw drive unitss may not be available in cold weather climates.

Chain drive openers are the stalwart of the industry. They are ultra reliable and less expensive than the belt drive which makes them a popular choice. Chain Drive openers use a metal chain to power the opening and closing of your garage door. Chain drive systems are the most common, but tend to be a little noisy. Chain drive openers are very reliable and economical and a good choice in very cold climates. Chain drive openers can be a good choice to save a little money when your garage is not attached to your home.

All newer model garage door openers have several safety features in common. First are “external entrapment protection devices,” like infrared safety sensors, that detect obstacles in the path of a closing garage door and stop it from closing when something is in the way. All units manufactured after 1992 are required by law to have these sensing systems.

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