Building a Garage with Plans

Building a Garage with Plans

So you’ve decided you’re going to build a garage, and you’re handy enough to do it yourself. Good for you!   For those of us who are lucky enough to have the talents which include construction and electrical wiring, building their own garage may be ideal, money and time saving. However, if you find yourself cocking your head to the side and muttering “electrical?” under your breath when viewing this, you may want to reconsider and consult a professional.

Building a garage with plans has many steps the average Joe doesn’t necessarily consider.  For instance, after choosing the location you plan to build on, you will need to decide on a side.  The absolute minimum advised tends to be about 12 X24, with the latter being the depth. However, if you drive a large truck, this will not suit you.  It is best to measure the vehicles you are looking to store with their doors, hoods and trucks open.  This will give you an idea of the absolute minimum space required to get the vehicle into the garage, and then you will have to decide if you want extra space beyond that, to include things like shelving or cabinets.

After all of this is decided on, you will need to get in contact with your local building control offices.  They will give you the information you will need for building a garage with plans, such as what kinds of plans must be turned in to them for approval, and code requirements.

In addition to contacting building control, you will most likely want to contact the electrician, contractor or even plumber you plan on working with.  They will tell you how many additional copies of plans you will need for their use.  Furthermore, they will be able to tell you if even more copies are needed for their subcontractors who will assist in building a garage from plans.

Next you will want to purchase or develop your plans.  There are many plans available out there, often for under , which can be found both on the internet and in many home improvement stores.  Review any websites you are purchasing from thoroughly to make sure their kits include everything you will need. Don’t be excited by the low cost. Remember, you will most likely be purchasing numerous copies. You may also want to search the company themselves, to make sure they are legit and have good ratings from previous customers.

Finally, you will want to pull together a materials list for building your garage from plans.  Just because one is included, does not mean it has everything on it.  A bare bones kit may not include things like paint, siding, outlet cover, and the little things that keep a garage from being a depreciating eyesore on our property.  Remember, a handsome garage, like a handsome home, can increase the value of your home and property. At the very least, beautify the outside of your man cave so someday, if you find yourself having to move, the house and property will sell before you start to panic.


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