Albert World Intelligent House Security Monitoring System

Albert World Intelligent House Security Monitoring System

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HC Network Security ┬áIn recent years, from the acceleration of urbanization, the rapid economic development also has brought about tremendous pressure on urban residential district is to improve the security and therefore a new level. Urban residential district building security system has become the standard high and low quality of life. Domestic residential area can be divided into high-grade villa area and the general residential district, and residential status of security is common problem. First residential land within and around public places to monitor the problem. Perimeter and main entrance in the installation of cameras, residential security implemented within the monitoring center 24-hour shift on duty, but we should understand that no matter how dedicated security personnel to monitor, can simultaneously monitor multiple video images, and can not be long Monitor television watching to see. Only the 1-2 most residential computer monitors, Robin monitoring a dozen or even dozens of cameras, so difficult to achieve effective real-time monitoring. Moreover, the present lawless way the crime has diversified, the traditional security system has no way to meet the demand. Secondly, residential alarm system is not perfect. All the families have access to a number of high-end residential alarm host and detectors, network control center to the district, but the real use of the systems is rarely normal. Developers for their own interests, the selection of such products are not professional and responsible. Burglar Alarm products with a high degree of specialization, security is not properly used. Reasons also contributed to residential security alarm system has been shelved. In addition, the quality of residential status of security personnel on domestic security, the greatest impact. Area Security features of the engineering system According to the authorities announced that a comprehensive social security to governance and to create a safe and civilized communities as one of the important elements of national governance An Xingbang first order of business. And the Ministry of Construction developed a residential district in particular the level of intelligent control standards, in accordance with their requirements Residential security systems must have safety precautions, information management, property management, information network and other subsystems. Urban Residential District is characterized by the large number of client group, staff-intensive, need for unified management, and most of the country income is not high, the construction of residential security systems must meet the “safe, reliable, cost-effective, centralized management” requirements, although markets a wide variety of security systems, but the real plot of the various characteristics found suitable for residential use products few and far between Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin World Albert tailored for the residential district residential district intelligent video surveillance solutions with high cost performance, system capacity, open to strong construction and convenient installation, video surveillance world Intelligent House system relies on the combination of the three major sub-system smart residential district constitutes a 6 line of defense, intended to establish a multi-level, comprehensive and scientific system of security to the residents for the district to provide safe, comfortable and convenient living environment. First, the more alarming by the perimeter defense system structure, to prevent climbing over the perimeter wall and the illegal intruder into the district; second, residential video security monitoring system by the composition of the district and the main channel and out of vehicles, personnel and major facilities for monitoring and management; of the third, the security of electronic patrol system structure, by security personnel on the district of suspicious persons, incidents monitoring, and electronic patrol at night; Fourth Avenue, the building intercom system from the network composition, can people without fixed duties to resist the stairs outside; Fifth Avenue, home alarm system by the network structure, when the thieves at home or during the illegal invasion of households such as gas leaks, fire, sudden illness and other emergencies, the elderly, through the installation of the indoor various automatic detector alarm to alarm processing center, quick access to facilitate the expeditious dispatch security or rescue personnel rushed to the scene to deal with tenants. Sixth Avenue, by the video surveillance management system structure, and management front-end control point for recording 24 hours a day to check a suspicious incident playback of video information, to facilitate the forensic investigators. Intelligent residential quarters of video surveillance system consists of the following subsystems 1. Safety precautions subsystems: the more defense perimeter alarm system, video monitoring system, patrol management system, home alarm system Perimeter alarm system against the more intelligent behavior by the video processor, (IR) high-resolution camera, searchlight, siren, alarm control host and analog electronic maps of facilities. Alarm control host and analog electronic map located in the central district club control center, the system and centralized management platform (CMS) system integration. Main function is an alarm function, joint function, digital map display. Video monitoring system, by definition is to achieve front-end video surveillance capabilities, video capabilities, and evidence of record. Patrol management system by the central management of computer and system operation management software, information collector, transmitter and other equipment component, the main function is to set different time, different patrol routes, so that security personnel in the district of fixed-point, regular inspections; can record print patrol events, patrol officers, patrol time and route. Home networking system, intelligent control terminal from the family, Chinese LCD message keypad, various types of sensors, computer management, system operating software, electronic control lock device of the management computer located in the central district club control center. Main function is to achieve prevention home security features, remote copy function of the family three tables, appliances control, home network communication. 2. Information management system: equipment monitoring systems, access control systems, integrated property management system. Equipment computer monitoring system by the management, operation software and other equipment of the management computer clubs located in the central district control center. Main function is to achieve residential property management requirements of the district of electrical and mechanical equipment computer monitoring, centralized management. Import and export control system consists of contactless access control card reader controller, IC card, electronic control lock, door magnetic switch, management, computer and systems operations software. Main function is to achieve access control, exception alarm, authority control, card, etc.. Integrated property management system for comprehensive utilization of organic subsystems, while residential property management staff to provide an effective management platform to achieve service fast, efficient, energy conservation, scientific and information management. System equipment by the server, workstations, system software, the control console located in the Central Area

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